New Release: Tea&Beard

Today we have something short, but very sweet. From Kabayakiya comes a cute story about a relationship between Darjeeling and a certain bearded gentleman, titled appropriately: Tea&Beard.
Tea&Beard by Kabayakiya cover page

As you can see from the cover, Darjeeling is depicted in a more adult manner than in the source material. This is justified by the fact that the story takes place some time after her graduation. But honestly, the way she’s depicted in this doujinshi doesn’t really need any justification at all. She’s just beautiful…

The main part of the doujinshi is only 8 pages long, but there are also two extra illustration included, one of which shows Darjeeling in the same pose as in the cover, only without the bearded gentleman and wearing one piece of clothing fewer. By the way, notice that she’s only wearing one piece of clothing on the cover, her panties.

Without further ado, here are a few sample pages to show you what we have in store for you:

Tea&Beard by Kabayakiya sample page 1Tea&Beard by Kabayakiya sample page 2Tea&Beard by Kabayakiya sample page 3

Tea&Beard is available for sale in that very same store. You’ll also find the higher resolution sample pages there.