New release from circle Akikaze Asparagus: Momiji Dream Corridor

Momiji Youkai Brothel was our release, back in November, just before we announced new circles and opened the floodgates for their doujinshi, so maybe it got buried in all the new and exciting releases we had back then. We’re here today with the sequel titled “Momiji Dream Corridor”, to shine another spotlight on this amazing doujinshi miniseries from Akikaze Asparagus.

Momiji Youkai Brothel cover page

Original Japanese cover had a bunch of cute pink hearts all over it. Since they doubled as censorship, with heavy heart we decided to remove them.

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New release from circle Doronuma Kyoudai: A Certain Nun’s Anal Masturbation Records ch.2: FutaAna 2

FutaAna 1 has been one of our more notable releases of last year, since it marked the start of another Doronuma Kyoudai series featuring a perverted futanari girl. The “start” part is important since, as the reader of the “FutaOna” series know, half the fun is seeing how far will the lewd hijinks escalate. And with the “perv level” starting relatively low in the first chapter, in FutaAna 2, it’s time to shift into higher gear!

FutaAna2 cover page

The original Japanese title used “✝✝” instead of “2”, but we thought that was a little too much on the nose

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New release by circle Murasakiiro Orange: Rabbitch♥uck

Schezo, coming from a certain puzzle game series, is here for his second appearance, this time with breasts that would be the envy of many a women. No, there are no traps or reverse traps in this doujinshi. Here, Schezo is 100% a girl! Eventually, at least. Introducing another TSF themed doujinshi by circle Murasakiiro Orange, titled “Rabbitch♥uck“!
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New release by circle Darabuchidou: MISTAKE

The second doujinshi from the circles we announced last week is already here! Most of the titles of Darabuchidou doujinshi are very short, usually a single English word. It’s unfortunate that the first one we’ve translated for you is titled “MISTAKE“, in all caps no less, but we couldn’t pass the opportunity for our first P5 doujinshi.

MISTAKE cover page

The night dress doesn’t hide anything, but adds a lot

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