New release by circle Muchakai: Chizuru-chan Development Diary 5

Today feels like an end of an era. We published the first chapter of Chizuru-chan Development Diary back in July 2015. Many things changed in these two and a half years and it felt like Chizuru has been following us along the way. If you read the chapters in order, you can see not only how Chizuru “develops”, but also how much our quality standards develop. And while today we’re still far from perfect, to see how much our releases have improved is encouraging.

But enough with us patting ourselves on the back. This is what we’re all here for: “Chizuru-chan Development Diary 5” by circle Muchakai.

Chizuru-chan Development Diary 5 cover page

We included a variant of the cover pages without those pesky pink hearts in our release

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New Release: Erina’s Secret Recipe by circle LOFLAT

We admit that the circle name that’s in the title of this blog post, LOFLAT, is a bit misleading. There are no lolis or even flat chests in this circle’s works. Instead, in “Erina’s Secret Recipe”, we have well-endowed Erina getting disrobed by delicious food. Desserts come in many shapes and sizes and this one is pretty delicious, if we may say so.

Erina's Secret Recipe cover page

In all seriousness, that’s one very well-drawn bra.

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Big announcement and a new release: M■necraft: NSFW Mode by circle Dr.VERMILION

Here at 2D Market, we’ve spent over 3 years regularly bringing you quality doujinshi localizations. After spending this much time and building a name for ourselves, we believe it is time to expand our horizons and bring you even more hentai goodness from Japan.

That’s why we’ve decided to localize eroge. Furthermore, the first title we’ll localize is a licensed hentai re-imagining of a famous bricklaying game.
M*NECRAFT NSFW mode logo
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New release: Lewd Flower Bloom by circle Murasakiiro Orange

On our site, we have doujinshi covering a wide array of themes and fetishes. It is somewhat a pride of ours to cover as many bases as possible. That’s why we’re always excited to bring in new themes to increase our diverse lineup. Today we’ll releasing the first doujinshi with a TSF theme on 2D Market: Lewd Flower Bloom by circle Murasakiiro Orange.

Lewd Flower Bloom cover page

The cover is probably the most violent part of the doujinshi. Contents are actually pretty sweet and heartwarming

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New Release: Having Sex is Fun by circle Shiawase Kanmiryou

With the release of School Futanari Strikers last week, we’ve published doujinshi from more than half of the circles we announced at Valentine’s. Today we’re publishing the first book from the second half. Judging by its title, the late bloomers are not going to lag behind their seniors. We present to you “Having Sex is Fun” by circle Shiawase Kanmiryou.

Having Sex is Fun cover page

Usually, finger blades would not be assiciated with “sexy”, but through some sort of arcane wizardry, there’s not a single part of Yami’s design that’s not sexy

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New Release: “School Futanari Strikers” by circle Nita Ken

For the last year and a half, all futanari content that we published came from two circles: AobaQMadou and Doronuma Kyoudai. If you’ve paid attention, you may have noticed that among the circles that we announced last month, there was one that centered on futa. That’s right, variety is the spice of life, so today we’re releasing a doujinshi from a newcomer to 2D Market, circle Nita Ken, that focuses squarely on futanari.

School Futanari Strikers cover page

That frown is strangely alluring

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New release: “Ms. Pussyclit” by circle Akiba Maou

Up until now, we’ve been consistently joking about the length of circle Triangle’s doujinshi’s titles. They have not yet reached a length that’s characteristic of light novels, but they’re slowly getting there. Today we have a doujinshi for you that will challenge Triangle at their own game.

The title of this post may say “Ms. Pussyclit”, but that is not the full title of this book. Far from it. The full title, ladies and gentleman, of this masterpiece by circle Akiba Maou is “Ms. PussyClit or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Being Caught and Became a Human Toilet at a Doujin Event”.

Ms. PussyClit cover page

This is the type of title that somebody only types down once and then everyone else just copies and pastes it everywhere. We can only hope that the translator did not make a typo that one time.

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Valentine’s Week Announcements Wrap-up

This was a very exciting weeks for us, as we have managed to announce NINE new circles only 4 months after our last batch of announcements in October. We also hope that you enjoyed this Week of Love too. We’ve released two new books for you and even gave a few of them away in our twitter giveaway. In case you missed it, you should look into following us on social media, as all of our giveaways tend to be there.

We’ll also use this opportunity to take a look back at 2017. In spite of the whole “2017 was horrible” meme, we’ve had it alright. We’ve experienced steady growth and are at a point where we can start thinking about expanding our theme and branching out. It there’s one word that could define 2017 for us, it would be “consistency”. Not to pat our own back, but we were able to maintain our self-imposed weekly release schedule for the entire year, barring the one-week long break on New Year’s. We hope you have enjoyed what we’ve produced and that you’ll keep giving us your support. Continue reading