New Release: FutaOna Final Chapter

It has been a long road, from the first to the last chapter, but we’re finally here! After following her for seven chapters, it’s finally time to see our lovable, ditzy, pervy futanari girl Tomoe graduate!
A Certain Futanari Girl's Masturbation Diary Final Chapter cover page

The graduation ceremony is actually in the second half of this doujinshi and is a truly glorious way to finish the story. In the first half, however, we see all the Tomoe’s school escapades between the summer break and the graduation. You though she’s had enough, with all the hijinks that happened in the previous chapter? You though she’ll stop escalating her masturbation habits? Well, Tomoe is here to prove you wrong.

Back in chapter two, she barely contained her boner during class and ran out during recess to release all the pent up frustration. In this chapter, she no longer tries to contain it! It just spills out during class. In chapter one, she hid in the toilet stall while fantasizing. In this chapter, she no longer hides. It’s endearing to see all that character development and how brazen she has become.

Here are a few graduation photos from her diary. Tomoe will always be able to look back at these with nostalgia:
A Certain Futanari Girl's Masturbation Diary Final Chapter sample page 1A Certain Futanari Girl's Masturbation Diary Final Chapter sample page 2A Certain Futanari Girl's Masturbation Diary Final Chapter sample page 3

A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary Final Chapter is available for sale in 2D Market store.

New Release: Arcade Princess And a Virgin Boy Who Make Out And Have Lovey-Dovey Baby-Making Sex

This week, we’ve got a new release from Triangle! The artist is Usashiro Mani whom you might know from one of ours previous releases, “You’d Better Be Thankful That You’re Getting a Super Energetic High School Girl Like Me For Free!“. As you can see, this circle is really attached to their naming conventions.

Arcade Princess cover page

Japanese arcades don’t usually look like this.

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New release: Zero-kun’s Secret First Time

Appropriate for a doujinshi with a “first time” in the title, our today’s release is our first Yaoi/BL book! The art style should be familiar, as it from our veteran circle Muchakai, but instead of a stubborn plump schoolgirl getting fucked into submission, here we have (a surprisingly plump) schoolboy getting fucked into submission!

Gender equality is a wonderful thing!

Zero-kun's Secret First Time cover page


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New Release: The Strange Creature and I

Are you tired of the stereotypical tentacle rape stories?
Do you find it strange that in those stories women are usually depicted as enjoying themselves, yet are somehow always trying to get away from the tentacle monsters?
Do you think that the depiction of tentacle monsters as rapists is gross speciesist propaganda?
Do you think that even calling tentacle monsters “monsters” is offensive?

Then we have something unique for you!
The Strange Creature and I” from newcomer circle Nekoarashi is a simple queer love story between a woman and a tentacle person.

The Strange Creature and I cover page

Food porn or tentacle porn?

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New release: Look, Master! Boobs!! 3

Just reading the title of this blog post must have hinted you at what kind of doujinshi we’re releasing today. And if you’ve read the previous two volumes in this series, then you know exactly what to expect.


So without further ado, we present you “Look, Master! Boobs!! 3” from the collab circle of Toyobox and Kujira Logic.

Look, Master! Boobs!! cover page

There are two foxes on this cover page, both cute and both bringing sustenance to the table.

As with the previous volumes, “Look, Master! Boobs!! 3” consists of two halves, drawn by Kujiran and Kurikara, respectively. And while Tamamo (in her casual outfit) is still the star of the first, Kurikara’s half, the second one again has a more varied cast. Hakuno , the female protagnist of F/E CCC, is the focus of the largest chunk of it. The most interesting part is how she maintains her stoic/deadpan mannerism, all while giving a passionate boobjob coupled with dirty talk. Kujiran demonstrates an enviable level of writing skill here!

On top of that, Jinako, the token thicc lazy gamer girl get a few pages for herself. She is such a cutie, why aren’t there more doujinshi with her!? Very, very sad state of affairs.

If you’ve read the previous two volumes, you exactly what kind of cute art of expect, but here are a few sample pages, featuring all three heroines: Continue reading

New Release: Can You Hear the Sound of the Bell? by circle Yuusaritsukata

It is always nice when authors maintain a level of continuity among different doujinshi that happen to take place in the same setting. Yuusaritsukata manages to do that with their their series of Kancolle doujinshi: while “Summer Love Vacation with Suzuya” establishes Suzuya as Admiral’s “main girlfriend”, the next two volumes have him play around with Haruna and Kashima behind her back. In this volume, “Can You Hear the Sound of the Bell”, all of that comes back to bite him in the ass.

Can You Hear the Sound of the Bell cover page

”Suzu” in Suzuya’s name means bell. One time the author puts an actual pun in the title and we just can’t come up with the English equivalent orz

So after catching the Admiral in flagrante with Haruna, Suzuya effectively dumps him (justifiably). After rejecting all of his apologies, gifts and groveling, she finally listens to Kumano’s advice and decides to give him a second chance. Incidentally, around that time, the entire naval base goes to an onsen vacation. So you now that that means?




As for the artwork, Yuusaritsukata has been steadily improving with every book they produce. Since we’ve last saw her in “Summer Love Vacation with Suzuya”, Suzuya has gotten cuter, softer and sexier. Just look at these pages: Continue reading

New Release: Victim Girls 17: SOS -savage our souls- by Fatalpulse

If you’ve read all the Fatalpulse doujinshi that we published so far, you should know that most volumes in the Victim Girls series are not narratively connected in any way. The doujinshi that we’ll be publishing today breaks that trend somewhat: while it doesn’t serve as the direct sequel to Victim Girls 16 (Children of the Bottom), it is set in the same setting. Fatalpulse aficionados will have guessed what we’re talking about by now, but for the rest of you, we’re proud to present you with our release of Victim Girls 17: SOS -savage our souls-.

Victim Girls 17 SOS -savage our souls- cover page

You have to salvage them first though

While Victim Girls 16 took a more meta-approach to the narrative and focused on the the absurd and dehumanizing nature of the typical gatcha mechanics in the context of game’s world, Victim Girls 17 is leaning more on the fourth wall and exploring the possible resolution to the game’s perpetual narrative conflict between the Admiralty and the Abyssal Fleet. The ending (which we will not spoil here) even play with the fact that such a resolution would basically end the game that’s supposed to go on forever.

Of course, what enables Fatalpulse to explore such interesting themes without their books ending up dull and trite, it the beautiful erotic artwork and fetishistic hardcore plot. As always, Fatalpulse books are not for the faint of heart.

First two thirds of this book focus on two members of Abyssal Fleet: Airfield Princess and Ta-class Battleship. Following that, Battlefield Princess (who’s also on the cover) and Re-class Battleship get a few pages of fame. A few more Abyssals and ship girls get some love towards the end, but we’ll leave that as a surprise.

There’s no real need to introduce Asanagi’s art, but for the uninitiated, here are a few pages (higher resolution available on the store page): Continue reading

New Release: Chichimonogatari

Today we’re releasing a doujinshi that is two firsts for us: a first doujinshi by Sage Joh and a first Monogatari doujinshi.

Chichimonogatari cover page

And a first doujinshi with this color palette, but honestly, it hard to notice when you’re focusing on these two fine ladies.

As is evident from the cover above, the heroines of this doujinshi are Hanekawa and Kiss Shot, which puts the timeline in the Kizumonogatari period. And while post-Kizumonogatari Shinobu is very fine too, here we get to enjoy Kiss Hot at her peak performance, attribute-wise.

Plot-wise, the story happens when Hanekawa is giving Araragi “encouragement” before his fight with Kiss Shot. Unlike the novel/anime, here it progresses beyond just groping. From blowjob, boobjob to full-fledged sex, it makes you think that the story just can’t get any better. And then Kiss Shot crashes the scene, and it gets better. Much better.

It’s glorious

It’s glorious

Art in this doujinshi is also really nice, in case it wasn’t obvious from the cover page. Sage Joh draws both Hanekawa’s and Kiss Shot’s bodies in a very soft and supple way, while also allowing for a great range of facial expressions. The result is an art style that work equally well for emotional, comedic and erotic scenes.

A few sample pages to let you see what we mean: Continue reading

New Release: A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary Chapter 7

After six volumes of Doronuma Kyoudai’s saga, we come to the penultimate chapter, and the one with the divisive content. Without further ado, we present to you A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary Chapter 7.

FutaOna7 cover page

Nice piece of cloth you have there, Tomoe. Wouldn’t it be a shame if something were to happen to it and the extra page at the end of the doujinshi has you without it?

This chapter starts seconds after chapter 6 ended, with Tomoe talking to her chat after getting of that vibrating saddle. Since her summer break is over, she makes one last deal with her subscribers: an offline meeting at an isolated, closed down factory. One month later, at the appointed date, she goes there wearing nothing but a pair of thigh-highs under an overcoat.

Will the meetup be successful? How far is she willing to push this? Find out in the seventh chapter of A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary!

We’ll keep it short today and avoid any spoilers, since the story takes some unexpected turns in this one. Just believe in Tomoe and know her lewdness knows no bounds.

A few sample pages: Continue reading

New Release: Evil at Heart 1+2

While a large portion of our portfolio is composed of parodies, we’re always excited to bring over original stories, like Hunt Hunt or the Development Diary series. So when an opportunity arose for us to localize and publish a pair of original doujinshi that had elements of mecha on top of that, we were quick to seize it. And so, we’re here today to write about this new doujinshi from circle Izanagi, Evil at Heart.
Evil at Heart 1 and 2 cover page

If you’ve read the previous doujinshi from Izanagi that we published, Stolen Away, you’ll recognise some overarching themes/fetishes of this book, in particular corruption, brainwashing and NTR. What makes this book stand out from the flock, though, is it’s setting and story. It manages to establish a whole back story of a long war between giant demons from another dimension and humanity, who developed demon hybrids to do battle for them. This is just scratching the surface though, and there is a more detailed plot woven into the background that we will not spoil here. And the best part? It presented completely naturally through dialog as the process of brainwashing is ongoing.

By the end of the first half of this doujinshi, you start wishing that this wasn’t an original story so that you could read/watch the source material. But alas, there’s no such thing. This entire setting is contained in these forty or so pages.
Evil at Heart 1 and 2 mecha

And then you get to the second half, Evil at Heart 2, and the focus shifts from grand story to personal relations. The second half is all about the characters, their interactions and history. The corruption of the main heroine that took place in the first half now explodes in full glory as her perverted and sadistic side takes over and she takes it all out on her ex-pilot. The contrast of her demonic demeanor and the innocent reservation of the young pilot takes this story and it’s depraved eroticism to the next level.

Here are a few sample pages for you to see what we’re talking about: Continue reading