New release by circle Akiba Maou: Serious Sister Sex Sketchbook

For those who have read the title of this blog post and thought we were publishing a SSSS.Gridman parody, our apologies. Though the title of “SSSS.Incestman” would be quite appropriate for this original doujinshi from Akiba Maou, since it’s 100% about a super lewd sister whose brother just can’t catch a break.

Serious Sister Sex Sketchbook cover page

Imagine the puns we could have made if the title was “I’m Sure Even God Will Forgive Me If I Have Lovely-Dovely Sex with My Beloved Brother”. What a shame.

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New release by circle Shiawase Kanmiryou: Koh LOVE-Ru

The first Shiawase Kanmiryou doujinshi that we published was focused primarily on Yami in her “darkness” mode. The second one is still a TLR parody, but this time, the targets are more spread out: Koh LOVE-Ru has three heroines, all of them still going after Rito.

Koh LOVE-Ru cover page

We get a low angle of Kotegawa and Kyouko on the cover. Not depicted here is Momioka, perhaps because she spends the entirety her scene looking up

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New Release by circle Kabayakiya: Bathing with Mom

The previous Kabayakiya doujinshi that we published was all about girls having fun with an older man. So how about we have one about a young man having fun with an older woman? In aptly, but deceptively titled “Bathing with Mom”, we have a story about a master and Servant strengthening their bond (and doing some good old fashioned mana transfer in the process).

Bathing with Mom cover page

She’s not literally Gudao’s mom, but let’s not sweat the details

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New Release by circle Muchakai: Smack Smack☆Hypnotism Patisserie

It’s been six months since we’ve had a proper Muchakai release and ten months since we put out a Muchakai Precure parody. (Free books don’t count for arbitrary reasons). That’s a long time, so let’s have Muchakai come back with a bang! Or with a smack! “Smack Smack☆Hypnotism Patisserie” to be precise.

Smack Smack☆Hypnotism Patisserie cover page

Mucha has the whole “I Want You To Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear” thing down to a T

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Announcing the partnership with MediBang!

Today we have an exciting announcement to make: we have partnered with MediBang!, a Japanese publisher and software platform to bring their portfolio of erotic manga to 2D Market.

MediBang! is most known for MediBang Paint!, a FREE painting and manga creation app for Windows, Mac, Android and iDevices. That’s right, if you ever wanted to try your hand at ero manga creation, MediBang Paint! is probably the best place to start. They also have a website that hosts art and manga created with their application. Continue reading

New release by circle Metro Notes: Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 2

Tsumetoro’s patrons on Patreon have had access to an early version of the second installment of the Gentleman’s Maid Sophie series for over a month now. The final version of Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 2, with every single SFX painstakingly translated and edited is now about to find its way to our store.

Gentleman's Maid Sophie 2 cover page

Just because a skirt is long, it doesn’t mean it’s not sexy

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First release by Studio Diamond: A Lascivious Neighborhood Wife I Longed for Looks at Me with Eyes Screaming for My Dick

It’s been nearly a year since we’ve put out a doujinshi with a proper milf theme! It’s time to fix this travesty, and what better way to do it than by introducing a circle that focuses primarily on milfs, Studio Diamond! We present you “A Lascivious Neighborhood Wife I Longed for Looks at Me with Eyes Screaming for My Dick”.

A Lascivious Neighborhood Wife I Longed for Looks at Me with Eyes Screaming for My Dick cover page

That ‘Life force’ in the summary is not to be taken literally. Unlike the previous one, this milf is a figurative, not a literal succubus.

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