New release by circle Metro Notes: Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 2

Tsumetoro’s patrons on Patreon have had access to an early version of the second installment of the Gentleman’s Maid Sophie series for over a month now. The final version of Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 2, with every single SFX painstakingly translated and edited is now about to find its way to our store.

Gentleman's Maid Sophie 2 cover page

Just because a skirt is long, it doesn’t mean it’s not sexy

Metro Notes have outdone themselves, especially Tsumetoro, the main artist: published slightly over 3 months after Sophie 1, Sophie 2 contains 51 page of manga! And that’s not even counting the afterword, extra illustration page and one page with nothing but dialog. This is truly an amazing drawing pace! The benefit of this large page count is that this doujinshi can spend first ten pages on character development and story progression before even a tinge of ero is hinted at. Even better, because there’s no page count pressure, even the erotic scenes can proceed at a slower pace with some exposition and dialog interspersed between scenes of a hot Victorian maid doing her thing.

While this chapter reveals some details about Sophie, it only raises more questions and she remains as mysterious as ever. We also get some backstory on Edward, hinting at a larger overarching plot that may connect these two characters even further in later chapters.

Not much more can be said about this masterpiece without spoiling some of the great plot points, so we’ll just leave you with some sample pages and let you know that you can expect around fifty more where these came from.
Gentleman's Maid Sophie 2 sample page 1Gentleman's Maid Sophie 2 sample page 2Gentleman's Maid Sophie 2 sample page 3
Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 2 is available now on 2D Market store. Enjoy!

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