Double Release – Memories and Half of Prism

Today we bring you a double release from our newcomer circle Kabayakiya.

First we have “Memories”, a short 12-page doujinshi featuring all three AnoNatsu girls.
Memories by Kabayakiya Cover Page
See Ichika-senpai, Kanna and Mio take initiative and make their sweet summer memories in this short, but sweet doujinshi.

Sample pages:
Memories by Kabayakiya sample page 1Memories by Kabayakiya sample page 2Memories by Kabayakiya sample page 3

Then, we have “Half of Prism”.
Half of PRISM by kabayakiya Cover page
Half Prism is different from any other doujinshi we published so far, owing to its omnibus format. It is a collection of five short stories from five different settings. These include Haganai, Rinne no Lagrange, AnoNatsu, iM@S and SAO. Each story is 4 pages long and includes at least one full-page illustration.

The reason for this unusual format is the fact that it’s a collection of five copy books.

Copy books or Kopihons are small, few pages long doujinshi that are usually sold for a small price at doujinshi conventions alongside their bigger cousins. They got their name from the fact that they are usually photocopied rather than properly printed.

As such, these short stories were never available in high quality until now, not even in Japan.

Sample pages:
Half of PRISM by Kabayakiya sample page 1Half of PRISM by Kabayakiya sample page 2Half of PRISM by Kabayakiya sample page 3

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