Phantom Thief Black Bunny release

After a short summer break, today we bring you a new doujinshi by circle Dainichakai: Phantom Thief Black Bunny.

Phantom Thief Black Bunny Cover page

This is the second doujinshi by this circle and quite different in tone from the first one, the yuri-centric Hakurei Shrine Reconstruction Plan. Instead, Phantom Thief Black Bunny takes the true-and-tried formula of “a girl gets stuck in the hole in the wall” trope and uses it out to its best effect, with the said girl getting played with from both sides of the wall at the same time.


Phantom Thief Black Bunny is a mysterious masked thief, a master of infiltration and deception. She always announces her exploits beforehand, taunting and mocking the authorities and her targets.
This time, she set her eyes on a big treasure, set on display in a well guarded mansion. As always, she has a perfect plan to execute her heist.
Everyone has a fatal flaw though, and hers is clumsiness (and a big butt). She gets stuck in a fence and discovered by a security guard. Will the Black Bunny manage to squirm her way out of this perilous situation or will she become the security guards’ plaything?

Sample pages:

Phantom Thief Black Bunny Sample Page 1Phantom Thief Black Bunny Sample Page 2Phantom Thief Black Bunny Sample Page 3

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