Back in action

As some of you may have have noticed, we’ve been having problems with payment processing for the last two months. The problems started in the week after our last blog post and manifested themselves as certain credit cards getting randomly rejected.

After spending a lot of time and resources trying to fix this issue, we decided that changing our payment processor is the only viable solution. This decision wasn’t made easily, as we have just reworked our payment processing UI a few months earlier to make it more user friendly. Still, getting the payment working for everyone was the top priority.

While we were at it, we also added a much requested feature to our site: a cart system. Now you no longer have to go through the payment process every time you’d like to buy a book. Add ALL of them to the cart and go wild. There’s another reason we implemented a cart system, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Starting from today, when you click “buy” on our site, you’ll be redirected to an off-site page where you’ll be able to input your credit card information. Users from certain EU countries will also be able to use their debit cards.

new invoice screenshot

New checkout page

This change will also be reflected in your bank statement. As you can see on the screenshot, purchases on 2D Market will be listed as “**Digitalna *” from now on.

Unfortunately, there’s a caveat. Our new payment processor does not allow us to charge less than 2.95€ per order. This means that you will not be able to buy our cheaper books with your credit card unless you use the cart and order a few of them together. We’re terribly sorry for this inconvenience. We tried hard to get payments working for everyone again and this is one drawback that we were unable to rectify.

Of course, you can still use bitcoins to buy cheaper books individually, as always. Ironically, our most popular book of last year costs 2.99€ and is thus unaffected by this limit.

Outside of that, no major changes have been made to the site. You will find everything you bought so far in your library.

One other thing that these payment issues caused was a major delay in our release schedule. When we finished our week-of-announcements, we had several books lined up for publishing. It wasn’t an easy decision, but we decided to postpone their release until we can ensure most of you can actually buy them. With the issues resolved, we’re happy to announce that we’ll releasing new books regularly, starting this week. Stay tuned and follow us on twitter if you want to be notified of new book releases as soon as possible.

To end this somewhat serious post on a more happy note, we’d also like to announce the acquisition of two new book by circle Kabayakiya:

Night Service Story by Kabayakiya

Night Service Story

"Her True Face 2" cover by kabayakiya

Her true face 2

Both titles subject to change.