Valentine’s Week Announcements Wrap-up

This was a very exciting weeks for us, as we have managed to announce NINE new circles only 4 months after our last batch of announcements in October. We also hope that you enjoyed this Week of Love too. We’ve released two new books for you and even gave a few of them away in our twitter giveaway. In case you missed it, you should look into following us on social media, as all of our giveaways tend to be there.

We’ll also use this opportunity to take a look back at 2017. In spite of the whole “2017 was horrible” meme, we’ve had it alright. We’ve experienced steady growth and are at a point where we can start thinking about expanding our theme and branching out. It there’s one word that could define 2017 for us, it would be “consistency”. Not to pat our own back, but we were able to maintain our self-imposed weekly release schedule for the entire year, barring the one-week long break on New Year’s. We hope you have enjoyed what we’ve produced and that you’ll keep giving us your support. Continue reading

Valentine’s Week Announcements part 1

In case you weren’t aware, February 14 is the Valentine’s Day, the day of love. And while we have prepared a sweet present for you on that exact date, in form a double release of that sweet, sweet doujinshi, we will spend this entire week in a festive mood. Of course, remember that we sell R-18 doujinshi, so “festive mood” means we’ll be continually teasing you and keeping you on the edge. In practice, we’ll making a whole lot of new announcements.

Also, we don’t want to blow our load too early, or all once, so we’ll be spreading our announcements over the course of the week, starting today. A small teaser to keep you hot and bothered as read the rest of this post: doujinshi from one of the circles mentioned below will be released on Valentine’s Day. Have fun guessing which one.

(Keep in mind that the English doujinshi titles mentioned below are temp names. We reserve the right to inject puns into titles before release.) Continue reading

New announcements and FREE doujinshi

It’s been less than four month since our last announcement, and we’ve been hard at work ever since, to bring you even more high quality English-translated doujinshi. Today we’re very happy to be announcing four new circles that we’ll be working with. To celebrate this, we also have a surprise for all of our loyal fans: two free doujinshi! You heard that right. Read to the end of this blog post for some background on these two doujinshi or, just jump to our store where they’ll be just a click away. Continue reading

Summer announcements

We last made an announcement post with new circles in late January. Since then, we’ve published several doujinshi from every circle that we announced and, additionally, we were able to maintain a weekly release schedule, resulting in 21 doujinshi published.

Since it’s been nearly half a year since that announcements, we thought it was time to unveil what we’ve been working on since then. So without further ado, here are the new additions to 2D Market store: Continue reading

2017: Looking forward

After we’ve taken a nostalgic look back at 2016, it time to look forward into the future, and talk about what 2017 brings for 2D Market.

One aspect in which we have to admit to have been slacking is communicating our work. We’ve been listening to your input on our twitter account and responding to questions, but we feel we can do better. In 2017, we’ll try to be more transparent and open, and interact more with our fans. One other important fact is that in the last few year, we’ve seen Twitter shutting down account for Japanese erotic authors without warning, even if they were manually marked as containing sensitive materials. We’ve seen Asanagi, Asaki Takayuki and even Oyari Ashito having their account suspended. For that reason, we’ll be opening accounts on various other platforms as a backup. We have a list of platforms that we’ll use, but we want to hear your input. Which social networks/platforms/sites/apps you use regularly? Let us know!

One other thing that we’re aiming to do is return to the weekly release schedule. We were able to sustain for the majority of 2016, but due to an unfortunate confluence of events, we lapsed in December. We’ll do our best to start putting out new releases during January and keep going. If we manage to bring in more authors, we would like to be able to publish more that one book per week, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves for now…

Before getting to the best part, we’d like to note that we’ve had several giveaways during 2016 that generated some nice interactions with the fans. We hope to have a whole lot more of those in 2017, so make sure to follow us on twitter and other social media.

And now, something that you’ve all been waiting for! We would like to announce 3 new circles that will be coming to our site in 2017:

Doronuma Kyoudai

This prolific circle, lead by the artist RED-RUM, is best known for their long-running series of futanari doujinshi, titled “FutaOna: A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary”. The title is pretty self-explanatory.

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be publishing all eight issues of FutaOna, completely uncensored! Even better, the first issue will contain an expanded story, never before seen by the English-speaking audience. This will double the size of the first issues and make it an even better introduction into the amazing story of Tomoe, a pervy futanari girl with a very vivid imagination.
doronuma kyoudai samples

ToyBox & Kujira Logic

This circle is a collaboration between two artist, Kurikara and Kujiran. They have come together and combined their skills to create an amazing and novel idea: a series of doujinshi that are pretty much 100% about boobs and doing various things with said boobs. And when those boobs belong to various girls (drawn in a very cute style) from the Fate franchise, you get a recipe for a diabetes-induced erection.
toybox kujikara logic samples


And finally, something for the fans of corruption: a circle headed by a Otoo, a master of corruption, mind control and extreme ahegao, with a healthy dose of NTR sprinkled in for good measure.
izanagi samples

Old authors, new books

Outside of these three new circles, we plan to publish several new book from our veteran circles. To name just a few, we’ll be publishing the fourth chapter in Muchakai’s Chizuru-chan Development Diary series, a 40- pages doujinshi from Fatalpulse and Garupan book from Kabayakiya.
new doujinshi 2017a

We’ll also be publishing even more books from AobaQMadou, Triangle! and Shouwa Saishuu Sensen.
new doujinshi 2017b

And on top of all that, we constantly on lookout for new circles, so new announcements in the course of the year are almost given. We hope you’ll be here with us to hear them!

Here’s for a great year in international doujin scene.

-2D Market Staff

Summer Announcements

*doujinshi titles in this post are not finalized and are subject to change*

With Summer Comiket coming up in less than two weeks (August 12th to 14th), we thought this would be a good time to announce new circles that will be selling their doujinshi on 2D Market. As with all doujinshi on 2D Market, theirs will be sold completely uncensored.
These acquisitions are a few months old so you can expect the first doujinshi from these circles to be released in the following weeks.

Without further ado, the new circles are:

This circle has been gaining popularity lately, thanks to their latest series of amazingly drawn KanColle doujinshi. Unfortunately, the Japanese versions have the black censorship bars applied rather… liberally. Luckily for all the lovers of uncensored art, that will not be the case with 2D Market releases.
Yusaritsukata sample 1Yusaritsukata sample 2

We will be translating the latest 3 doujinshi from circle Yusaritsukata: “Summer Love Vacation with Suzuya”, “Haruna Is a Bad Girls” and “Sweet Sweet Kashima”.
Yusaritsukata doujinshi 3 covers
Aoba Q Madou
This circle is a milestone for us, as it’s the first circle on our site that focuses heavily on futa content. The author obviously pours a lot of love into the futa characters and it shows. Interestingly, one of the doujinshi we have chosen to translate doesn’t even feature penetration, only ample amounts of petting, stroking and sucking. It’s almost yuri. Only with penises.
AobaQMadou sample 2AobaQMadou sample 1
We will be translating a KanColle book “Futanari Naval Exercise”, Garupan book “The Way to Calm a Panzer High” and three doujinshi with original characters, “Futanari Joint Practice”, “Futanari Joint Practice 2 ” and “Futanari Medical Checkup”.
AobaQMadou Covers
Finally, we have a treat for you: the highly acclaimed sin-maniax circle. While the circle is best known for their (still ongoing) series of To Love-Ru books, they have a much larger portfolio. The central theme prevalent in sin-maniax work is corruption, which will make them at home on our site.
sinmaniax sample 2sinmaniax sample 1

We have opted to translate the “Princess Who Tuned Into a Dog” series of four DQ2 doujinshi and “MeloRhythm”, a short and sweet Suite Precure book.
sinmaniax covers
Expect the first doujinshi from these circles to get released soon on 2D Market.

Introducing 2D Market points

Ever since we’ve switched to the our payment processor in April, we’ve been struggling with the minimum order value limit (we’ve discussed that previously in our back in action post). Basically, you couldn’t make a credit card purchase on our site if the value of your purchase didn’t exceed 2.95€. Since the majority of the books on our site are priced between 2€ and 2.5€, this meant you had to put at least two books in your cart before being able to checkout with a credit card.

We’ve been pondering the solution that would alleviate this problem. Simply raising the prices of all books to 3€ seemed like the easiest way, but it was the one we absolutely wanted to avoid. Keeping the books in our web shop as affordable as possible is one of our guiding principles, and ramping up the prices obviously went directly against this.

After some brainstorming, we agreed on the solution that would hopefully work out for everyone. Without further ado, we’d like to announce that we’ve added a points (e-wallet) system to our site.
Continue reading