First release from circle Akuochisukii Classroom: “Full Crew Wipe! Mysterious Primal Beast Shikori-Onahoka!”

It’s been a while since we announced a new circle. Unfortunately, with the cancellation of almost all doujin events in Japan due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s been harder to get in touch with authors. As such, we had to redirect our efforts to online contacting, which made the process slower. But despite being slower, it bore fruit and today we have for you a doujin from the first of several artists that will join 2DM soon.

And boy, do we have a special one for you today!

Full Crew Wipe! Mysterious Primal Beast Shikori-Onahoka! cover page

No, they don’t have any limbs. Hold tight, it will get even weirder.

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First release from circle Moon Night Kitten: Dark Elf Schoolgirl Raises Tentacles

It’s time to announce another circle whose doujins will find a home with 2D Market: we’re honored to publish doujins from circle Moon Night Kitten!

We have a whole portfolio worth of doujins to work through, but for the first release, we picked something very special: an original story titled “Dark Elf Schoolgirl Raises Tentacles”.

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First release from circle Hibon: Lady Cocknight and Her Princess

Another circle joins 2D Market today, and their debut doujin with us is a sight to behold. Not only is the cover (below) about as audacious as they get, the interior art is beautiful and the story is genuinely interesting. None of that stopped us from putting a pun in the title, though. We welcome circle Hibon and their “Lady Cocknight and Her Princess” to 2D Market!

Lady Cocknight and Her Princess cover page

Yuri with extra

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First release from circle KAZAMA DoJo: Asukappai

Before we start, take a look at the cover below. Let it sink in.

Okay, welcome back. A few minutes probably passed while you were engrossed in those massive mammaries on the cover (canonically, they’re P-cup), but now that we have your attention, we’re going to announce the next circle to be added to 2D Market: KAZAMA DoJo. And their debut work is going to be Asukappai, aptly named that way because the heroines are Asuka and her oppai.

Asukappai cover page

Her head is the size of her areolas!

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First tankoubon release: “Chii-chan Development Diary Full Color” from circle Muchakai

Yes, you read the title right. On Friday, May 1st, we’ll be releasing our first tankoubon-sized book—and from Muchakai, no less!

The release is not entirely new material, but is primarily a compilation of previously released doujins from the Chii-chan Development Diary series. However, this new version will be in FULL COLOR! That’s right, more than 160 full-color pages from Muchakai! Fully uncensored, as always!
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First release from circle Namanamago: A Lil’ Bit Sadistic Murakumo Has Her Fun With Admiral

Ah yes, a new circle! We decided to abandon the old format of announcement posts and just do a write up on a circle when we release their first doujin. That’s why, today we have the first release from circle Namanamago, titled “A Lil’ Bit Sadistic Murakumo Has Her Fun With Admiral”.

A Lil Bit Sadistic Murakumo Has Her Fun With Admiral cover

Admiral got her that outfit, the man of culture he is. And she got him some S&M play in return.

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November announcements

Our last announcement post was back in May. Since then, we’ve released at least one doujin from each of the circles we announced. For some circles, we’ve already put multiple doujins in your hands. On top of that, we started releasing two doujins per week! That means double the fun for everyone!

But more doujins released means we need to get more doujins to translate. And what better way to do that then to get more circles aboard? This time we have four of them and, oh boy, are they something! Continue reading

May 2019 announcements part 1

It’s been six months since our last batch of announcements back in December, meaning we haven’t yet announced anything in 2019. Did you worry things were quiet behind the scenes? Nothing could be further from the truth! We’ve been working so hard that we’re going to have to split our circle announcements into two posts this time.

Because, baby, we got five this time!! Five new circles to enrich your doujin-reading life. Mm-mm, smell that delicious variety.

The nitty-gritty: We have three circles for you today and we’ll be back on Thursday with two more. It also bears mentioning that all names in this post are temporary and are subject to change before publication.

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