November announcements

Our last announcement post was back in May. Since then, we’ve released at least one doujin from each of the circles we announced. For some circles, we’ve already put multiple doujins in your hands. On top of that, we started releasing two doujins per week! That means double the fun for everyone!

But more doujins released means we need to get more doujins to translate. And what better way to do that then to get more circles aboard? This time we have four of them and, oh boy, are they something! Continue reading

May 2019 announcements part 1

It’s been six months since our last batch of announcements back in December, meaning we haven’t yet announced anything in 2019. Did you worry things were quiet behind the scenes? Nothing could be further from the truth! We’ve been working so hard that we’re going to have to split our circle announcements into two posts this time.

Because, baby, we got five this time!! Five new circles to enrich your doujin-reading life. Mm-mm, smell that delicious variety.

The nitty-gritty: We have three circles for you today and we’ll be back on Thursday with two more. It also bears mentioning that all names in this post are temporary and are subject to change before publication.

Okay, done with all that? Great. Let’s get to these new circles! Continue reading

New announcements

In the last blog post, we remarked that Amania-9 was the last circle that we announced back in June that we still haven’t released a doujinshi from. Since we sorted that out, we thought it might be time to announce a few more circles.

This time we only have three new circles to announce, so there will be no multiple blog posts spread over the entire week. We don’t want to waste your time, after all. However, we plan to release our first doujinshi from these 3 circles very soon, probably one of them already this week (obnoxious wink, wink, nudge, nudge), so keep an eye out. Without further ado, here are the announcements, in alphabetical order: Continue reading

Announcing the partnership with MediBang!

Today we have an exciting announcement to make: we have partnered with MediBang!, a Japanese publisher and software platform to bring their portfolio of erotic manga to 2D Market.

MediBang! is most known for MediBang Paint!, a FREE painting and manga creation app for Windows, Mac, Android and iDevices. That’s right, if you ever wanted to try your hand at ero manga creation, MediBang Paint! is probably the best place to start. They also have a website that hosts art and manga created with their application. Continue reading

Summer announcements wrap-up

The last two blog posts were all about announcing new circles, but in out third and final summer announcements post, we’ll do something different.

We have a number of doujinshi in our pipeline that will be released later in the year. Up until now, we’ve normally announced a specific doujinshi a day or so before release. This has led to frequent question about whether we’ll be even publishing specific doujinshi or not. For the sake of transparency, we’ll list all doujinshi that we’re currently working on. To avoid unnecessary repetitions, we’ll omit the doujinshi from the circles that we have already announced in the last two blog posts.

Let us know what you think about this format!
In case you don’t care about any of this, we have a little surprise to make up for the time you’ve spent reading up until this point: in our first blog post in the series, we said that “no new doujinshi will be going up for sale this week”. Okay, but that doesn’t mean we can release one for free, does it?

We have here for you a short doujinshi from Muchakai, originally published as a CG set on pixiv. The title is “Chocolat Having a Bad Time During a Pr*tty Cure Show“. How bad of a time exactly, you might wonder… Well, you’ll just have to click here and find out for yourself.

Chocolat Having a Bad Time During a Pr■tty Cure Show cover page
Now on with the list. One last note: the titles, if written, are subject to change. Continue reading

Summer announcements part 1

Summer officially started last week so we thought it would be a good time to get the juices flowing. We made our last batch of announcements in February, when we announces 9 new circles. This time, we’re scaling back. We only have eight new circles to announce.

Also, there will be no new doujinshi going up for sale this week, but we might have a surprise for you instead. Stay tuned!

To keep the blog posts at a reasonable size, we’ll split the announcement in two part. To start of with, here are the first four circles whose works you’ll soon find on 2D Market: Continue reading

Valentine’s Week Announcements Wrap-up

This was a very exciting weeks for us, as we have managed to announce NINE new circles only 4 months after our last batch of announcements in October. We also hope that you enjoyed this Week of Love too. We’ve released two new books for you and even gave a few of them away in our twitter giveaway. In case you missed it, you should look into following us on social media, as all of our giveaways tend to be there.

We’ll also use this opportunity to take a look back at 2017. In spite of the whole “2017 was horrible” meme, we’ve had it alright. We’ve experienced steady growth and are at a point where we can start thinking about expanding our theme and branching out. It there’s one word that could define 2017 for us, it would be “consistency”. Not to pat our own back, but we were able to maintain our self-imposed weekly release schedule for the entire year, barring the one-week long break on New Year’s. We hope you have enjoyed what we’ve produced and that you’ll keep giving us your support. Continue reading