New release: Night Service Story

After a short hiatus, circle Kabayakiya returns to 2D Market with a hot new doujinshi. Titled “Night Service Story”, it stars…

Night Service Story by Kabayakiya front cover


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Saarana and Uruuru, twin priestesses criminally underutilized in the anime, featured in their full sleek, symmetrical glory.
There’s very little plot in here, but the characterization is spot-on, with the twin’s deadpan tendencies leading to some pretty humorous dialog. Of course, that lasts for only a few pages, after which they just jump on Haku and have their way with him. Clever girls…

This is actually a trend with Kabayakiya, but it’s pretty refreshing to see girls in doujinshi being proactive about sex. And it’s very hot.

Here’s a few sample pages for you to feast your eyes on (visit the store page for the higher resolution sample):
Night Service Story by Kabayakiya sample page 1Night Service Story by Kabayakiya sample page 2Night Service Story by Kabayakiya sample page 3

Night Service Story is available in the 2D Market store right now.

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