New release: Victim Girls 7: The Weak Are Food for the Demented

In our modern culture that promotes humanistic values, we tend to forget that our history was in many aspects much worse that what romanticized “historical” or “fantasy” stories would have as believe. Rape, murder, pillage, misogyny and religious bigotry were all a normal occurrence at some point of our history. This is why works of fiction which pull no punches and burst our bubble, if only for a short while, are sometimes a welcomed change.

And who else would provide us with that service, while at the same time writing and drawing an amazingly erotic story, other than Fatalpulse, the master of dark hardcore stories. Without further ado, we present you the seventh in the Victim Girls metaseries of doujinshi: “The Weak Are Food for the Demented”.
Victim Girls 7 by Fatalpulse cover page

If you’ve read the previous Fatalpulse book that we published, you know what to expect: ample amounts of hardcore sex intertwined with bondage and sexual degradation. While Victim Girls 12 was drawn two and a half years after Victim Girls 7 and features a more refined artwork, this book makes up for it with sheer size: ignoring the cover pages, afterword and a full-page illustration, it still features full 38 pages of manga.

The story follows Charlotte, a young knight who formed her own corps (think guild in an MMO) admitting exclusively women. Since women are shunned from taking to the sword and joining corps, she easily recruits the cream of the crop and assembles an extremely powerful corps in the service of the Kingdom of Hordaine.

However, it is the story’s antagonist, Desiree, who steals the spotlight. Moreover, it’s not because he is a complex character. On the contrary, he a perfectly two dimensional cartoon villain who’s personality is based around a single negative trait that’s blown out of proportion. What’s really interesting is what exactly that trait is: extreme misogyny. The man is a living avatar of the patriarchy. Can you name another villain that can claim that title?

What’s also refreshing is how the story is completely unapologetic about Desiree: he is a monster in human clothing and takes pure joy in degrading and humiliating women. The author later elaborated on this idea by making misogynists in Victim Girls 12 be literal monsters, but in this story that metaphor is not present.

Of course, most people won’t read this for the story, but for the extreme hardcore sex that Fatalpulse is known for. And boy, they won’t be disappointed. Have a sneak peek at a few pages (greater resolution samples can be found on the store page):
Victim Girls 7 by Fatalpulse sample page 3Victim Girls 7 by Fatalpulse sample page 1Victim Girls 7 by Fatalpulse sample page 2

Victim Girls 7: The Weak Are Food For The Demented is available in the 2D Market store right now.