New Release: Victim Girls 13: Dragon Slayer by circle Fatalpulse

Today we bring you another doujinshi by Fatalpulse, this time starring the five girls from a certain mahjong club. If you’ve read any of the Fatalpulse stories before, you know what’s in tow for them, so without further ado, we present you “Victim Girls 13: Dragon Slayer”.

Victim Girls 13 - Dragon Slayer by Fatalpulse cover page

With all the creative censorship happening on this cover page, the most lewd part remains in plain sight: they’re holding hands.

For the record, there are no actual dragons, or slaying of said mythological beings in this book. “Dragon Slayer” in the title is the wordplay on the fact that the main heroine of the book is known as “The Dragon Lord” in the original material for her ability to pull dora mahjong tiles into her hand (dora tiles increase the final score when they’re a part of the winning hand).

What separates this book from the rest of the Fatalpulse opus is the heavy use of drugs in the story. In addition to serving as the vessel of the corruption fetish, drug abuse is used effectively as a plot device. Since the story revolves around a twisted revenge plot, getting the friends of the target addicted gives us a clear villain in the story. This way, Fatalpulse follows the maxim of “show, don’t tell” in a very unapologetic way.

For the record, if you’ve never read a Fatalpulse doujinshi… Well, take a look at tags on the store page and determine if this is for you. This doujinshi is a wild ride and its 40 pages are definitely not for the faint of heart. It suffices to say that the antagonist is basically an alternate-reality version of Dejiree from Victim Girls 7. As is the case there, you can expect him to be a walking parody of extreme misogyny.

We’d usually praise the art in this paragraph, but this is Fatalpulse with their legendary art that needs no introductions, so just have a few sample pages:
Victim Girls 13 - Dragon Slayer by Fatalpulse sample page 2Victim Girls 13 - Dragon Slayer by Fatalpulse sample page 3Victim Girls 13 - Dragon Slayer by Fatalpulse sample page 1

Victim Girls 13: Dragon Slayer is available on 2D Market store right now.