New Release: Victim Girls 17: SOS -savage our souls- by Fatalpulse

If you’ve read all the Fatalpulse doujinshi that we published so far, you should know that most volumes in the Victim Girls series are not narratively connected in any way. The doujinshi that we’ll be publishing today breaks that trend somewhat: while it doesn’t serve as the direct sequel to Victim Girls 16 (Children of the Bottom), it is set in the same setting. Fatalpulse aficionados will have guessed what we’re talking about by now, but for the rest of you, we’re proud to present you with our release of Victim Girls 17: SOS -savage our souls-.

Victim Girls 17 SOS -savage our souls- cover page

You have to salvage them first though

While Victim Girls 16 took a more meta-approach to the narrative and focused on the the absurd and dehumanizing nature of the typical gatcha mechanics in the context of game’s world, Victim Girls 17 is leaning more on the fourth wall and exploring the possible resolution to the game’s perpetual narrative conflict between the Admiralty and the Abyssal Fleet. The ending (which we will not spoil here) even play with the fact that such a resolution would basically end the game that’s supposed to go on forever.

Of course, what enables Fatalpulse to explore such interesting themes without their books ending up dull and trite, it the beautiful erotic artwork and fetishistic hardcore plot. As always, Fatalpulse books are not for the faint of heart.

First two thirds of this book focus on two members of Abyssal Fleet: Airfield Princess and Ta-class Battleship. Following that, Battlefield Princess (who’s also on the cover) and Re-class Battleship get a few pages of fame. A few more Abyssals and ship girls get some love towards the end, but we’ll leave that as a surprise.

There’s no real need to introduce Asanagi’s art, but for the uninitiated, here are a few pages (higher resolution available on the store page):
Victim Girls 17 SOS -savage our souls- sample page 1Victim Girls 17 SOS -savage our souls- sample page 2Victim Girls 17 SOS -savage our souls- sample page 3

Victim Girls 17: SOS -savage our souls- is available on 2D Market store right now!