Introducing “Sensitive mode”

Today we’re introducing a small quality of life feature to 2D Market that we call “Sensitive mode”. This is a browsing mode that will prevent “too fetishy” stuff from showing up in the store. What would that entail? Well, it’s a completely subjective category that doesn’t include anything currently available on our store. In other words, if you turn on this mode now, you will not see any difference.

This is mostly a mode for future-proofing our store, since it also affects email notifications. In other words, if we ever release a doujinshi that we feel should fall in this “sensitive” category or a doujinshi that has a particularly graphic cover page, only users who disabled “Sensitive mode” would get the notification email.

Also, “Sensitive mode” is turned off for all current users, so if you want to opt-in, go to your profile and remove the check mark from the “Show controversial content in the shop and in the release emails”.
Sensitive content user settings

Unregistered users will see the store as if the mode is enabled and new users will have to opt-out.

Your library and the online reader are unaffected by this mode, so you don’t have to worry about your purchases being hidden from you in sensitive mode.

  • Nawoi

    Default mode 4 life. Bring on the controversy!

  • Mower

    Oh? Can’t wait to see what this’ll end up being used for.