New release: Pizza & Beard by circle Kabayakiya

Last GuP doujinshi from Kabayakiya that we published was a sweet sultry story about a relationship between a bearded gentleman and a beautiful young lady. It’s titled Tea&Beard and had only one downside: with only 8 manga pages, it was relatively short.

So today we’ve set out to rectify that: what we have here for you is a sweet sultry story about a relationship between a bearded gentleman and a beautiful young lady. Also, that lady has two friends to help her out and the whole doujinshi is over 20 pages long… We present to you “Pizza & Beard”.
Pizza&Beard cover page
The heroine of this doujinshi is Anchovy, as shown on the cover. As she needs money to fund her team’s P40, she tries to find a sugar daddy. After her first attempt fails, she finds a dandy bearded man who spends an enjoyable night with her, and pays her heftily. Hearing this, her two Anzio teammates, Pepperoni and Carpaccio, join in the next day for a rowdy foursome.

There is unfortunately one huge caveat to this amazing doujinshi: similar to the parts of Half of PRISM 2, it suffers from a pretty bad censorship. There’s simply no helping it: the artwork was painted over and the original uncensored art was regrettably lost forever. We did some decensoring where if was feasible (in spots where the line art was still available, but the shading was missing, we shaded it ourselves, for example), but a good chunk of it was just irrecoverable. In the end, we decided to go ahead and publish the doujinshi anyway, because the artwork is simply amazing, in spite of frankly disgusting censorship. On the bright side, we asked Unagimaru to preserve the uncensored artwork in future doujinshi, so we can only pray for the return of uncensored Kabayakiya in the future.

Here are a few sample pages. Take a look at the third one in particular (higher resolution available on the store page), since it shows the extent of the “lightsaber penis” censorship:
Pizza&Beard sample page 1Pizza&Beard sample page 2Pizza&Beard sample page 3

Pizza & Beard by circle Kabayakiya is available right now in the 2D Market store!