New release: “Ms. Pussyclit” by circle Akiba Maou

Up until now, we’ve been consistently joking about the length of circle Triangle’s doujinshi’s titles. They have not yet reached a length that’s characteristic of light novels, but they’re slowly getting there. Today we have a doujinshi for you that will challenge Triangle at their own game.

The title of this post may say “Ms. Pussyclit”, but that is not the full title of this book. Far from it. The full title, ladies and gentleman, of this masterpiece by circle Akiba Maou is “Ms. PussyClit or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Being Caught and Became a Human Toilet at a Doujin Event”.

Ms. PussyClit cover page

This is the type of title that somebody only types down once and then everyone else just copies and pastes it everywhere. We can only hope that the translator did not make a typo that one time.

We would usually elaborate here about the plot of this doujinshi, but we’ll skip that this time. There are several layers of bait and switch going on in the story, starting from the very title, that saying anything at all would be a spoiler.

Instead, we’d like to talk about the main heroine, since she’s a rare breed in the ero doujinshi corpus: she’s a self-proclaimed “plain girl” with a very outgoing personality, insatiable libido and very particular fetishes. Also, everything she know about sex, she learned from ero doujinshi. Not that she never had real sex, far from it, it’s just that it didn’t leave as much of an impression on her as ero manga.

In other words, she’s not a heroine we need, but a one we would be deserving if we were making a cheap pop culture reference. Which we are not, since we are a classy establishment and this is a classy blog.

This doujinshi also has quite the amount of crude and toilet humor, so be warned. Literal toilet humor, mind you.

As for the art, Akiba Maou has a distinct style, characterised by very thin lines. This is in contrast with the mainstream manga style that has been leaning towards a more stylized style with thicker lines. Interestingly, this also makes the character appear more “realistic” and more mature, even if they’re not drawn particularly so. Funny how a single parameter, and one that’s as often overlooked, line thickness, can have such a profound effect on the art style.

Here are a few sample pages to give you an idea:
Ms. PussyClit sample page 1Ms. PussyClit sample page 2Ms. PussyClit sample page 3

(If you’re reading this on desktop, sample images on the store page will probably look better.)

Ms. PussyClit or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Being Caught and Became a Human Toilet at a Doujin Event” by circle Akiba Maou is available right now on 2DM store.