New release: “Yuzuki Yukari’s Lewd Dragon Quest Adventure” by Shouwa Saishuu Sensen

Vocaloid/Voiceroid characters have been popular for a long time among the doujinshi artists. Interestingly, the progenitor of the entire subculture, Hatsune Miku, has been slowly overtaken in the fandom by the new characters. It’s telling the only two Vocaloid/Voiceroid doujinshi that we have on our site feature newer Voiceroid characters. The fact that today’s release is by a completely different author (Hanauna from circle Shouwa Saishuu Sensen), but still features Yuzuki Yukari, a Voiceroid character, is telling.

Then again, some things never change. Dragon Quest 1 was release in 1986 and we still get doujinshis parodying it. Sometimes even in a completely random crossovers with Voiceroid, like in “Yuzuki Yukari’s Lewd Dragon Quest Adventure” that we’re releasing today.

Yuzuki Yukari's Lewd Dragon Quest Adventure cover page

Even in 1986, tentacles were already king

The way that the crossover works in this doujinshi is that Yukarin, a Voiceroid character, is tricked into playing a really immersive VR version of DQ1. So immersive in fact, that it has full body haptic feedback. And for some reason, all the in-game monsters are more rapey than their originals. If you’ve ever read a piece of eromanga, you can see where this is going, so there’s no need to delve on the story much. Suffice to say, slimes and lunaticks get to use their tentacles in non-canon ways.

The ero content is pretty mild, compared to usual Shouwa Saishuu Sensen fare, though Yukari gets gut punched by a slime’s body slam (unintentional alliteration yay) once. Outside of that, it mostly tentacle play. The only thing lacking is Yukari’s bust size, but Hanauna gives us a few pages of Zunko (playing the role of kidnapped princess) to cover that base. And if that’s not enough, the doujinshi they drew after this one (and that we also published recently) is all about abundant bosoms.

Here are a few screenshots of the immersive VR experience:
Yuzuki Yukari's Lewd Dragon Quest Adventure sample page 1Yuzuki Yukari's Lewd Dragon Quest Adventure sample page 2Yuzuki Yukari's Lewd Dragon Quest Adventure sample page 3

Also, to dial back a bit, an actual DQ VR experience has opened in Shibuya, Japan earlier this week. Site here and English trailer here. We still think the experience presented in this doujinshi is more immersive, but having options is never a bad thing.

Yuzuki Yukari’s Lewd Dragon Quest Adventure by circle Shouwa Saishuu Sensen is available now in 2D Market store.