New release by circle Ahobaka: Milked By an Oni Gal

Diversity and multiculturalism are great! Especially when the diversity comes from multiple monster girl species living in human society and cultural enrichment comes from said monster girls getting it off with humans. Just read Ahobaka’s doujinshi and get woke.

Where the previous doujinshi from Ahobaka that we published, “Succubus Widow’s Afternoon Secret” was a sombre, melancholic story with some dark undertones, “Milked By an Oni Gal” is a polar opposite: a fast paced story with a genki energetic lead that’s all about having fun.

Milked By an Oni Gal cover page

Her horn is not a phallic symbol. If it were, with a body like this, it would grow thick and large enough to pierce the heavens.

For the uninformed, “gal” or “gyaru” is a term that in Japanese refers to a fashion trend characterized by a provocative and loose clothing style inspired by school uniforms. As usual, the “gal” moniker carries a different connotation in ero manga. Basically, it’s a code for an urban girl in late teens who is dressing scantily and is pretty promiscuous. Yay for stereotypes.

This character trope work well with oni characters, however, since they are supposed to be strong and rowdy in the first place. And the heroine does not disappoint: she’s beautiful, dresses provocatively and is pretty direct and vulgar. Still, when push comes to shove, she has a cute, bashful side to her too. It’s really hard to write about this things because the way Aho’s art brings characters to life is not easy to describe. It’s one of those things where we can write paragraphs about how hot and amazing our oni heroine is, but it will only happen after you start reading the manga and see the art that you fall in love with her.

Just look at this:
Milked By an Oni Gal sample page 1Milked By an Oni Gal sample page 2Milked By an Oni Gal sample page 3

Milked By an Oni Gal” from circle Ahobaka is available now in 2D Market store.