First release by circle Metro Notes: Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 1

People following our twitter (shameless plug, even if the timeline’s always visible to the side →) might have noticed that we mentioned working on a book by Metro Notes for their Patreon. Now’s the time to bring some of that sweet meido action to the masses with Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 1.

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Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 1 cover page

Considering the corsets of the time period, this figure is not out of the realm of possibility

Before we delve deeper into this doujinshi, let’s just get two thing straight: it’s charm points. Number one, a positively wonderful and absolutely sexy Victorian maid as the heroine. Number two, fifty six pages of a positively wonderful and absolutely sexy Victorian maid heroine. That’s not even counting the cover pages or the afterword, it’ just 56 pages of manga! Positively wonderful!

Jokes aside, Tsumetoro (the main artist behind Metro notes and a proprietor of this wonderful Patreon page) has previously drawn a 12-issues-long original series of monster girl-centric doujinshi. To summarize it, it’s mostly about thicc fox girls getting bonked. However, with this doujinshi, they forayed into another direction, featuring a seemingly human heroine. Even if some future reveals negate this fact, tonally it’s pretty distinct from Tsumetoro’s other works.

Sophie, this doujinshi’s titular maid, is an intriguing character. She shows both a tendency to dominate and the inclination to lose herself in the heat of the copulation and the ability to serve her master. She is implied to have a dark side to herself, but quite a few panels show her to be a goofball. Above all, she is a mystery that’s hopefully getting revealed in the subsequent volumes.

A lot of praise can be sung about Tsumetoro’s art, but we feel like the word “thicc”, combined with the cover page above and the sample pages below, speaks more than a thousands essays on the subject.
Gentlemans Maid Sophie 1 sample page 1Gentlemans Maid Sophie 1 sample page 2Gentlemans Maid Sophie 1 sample page 3

“Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 1” by Metro Notes is available now in 2D Market store.

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