First release by circle Meat Field: The Cat’s Toy

After a monstrously long maid-centric doujinshi that we published yesterday, it may be time to publish something more concentrated. How about a full color Precure doujinshi starring a very dominant cat (magical) girl? Sounds about right! Here’s The Cat’s Toy by circle Meat Field.

The Cats Toy cover page

There’s a variant of this illustration where her leotard is half-transparent. It’s too hot for the cover page, so we included it near the end of the doujinshi.

We name dropped Meat Field earlier, but it’s understandable if you’re not recognizing that circle name. Not only is this circle a newcomer to 2D Market, but what we’re releasing today is their first doujinshi, not even one year old (published November 2017). However, if you have any doubt in the quality of their work, we’ll just point you to the illustration above and note that the entire doujinshi is drawn in that style and AT THAT QUALITY. It’s pretty amazing for a circle to debut with a bang like this.

Thematically, this doujinshi is pure femdom. The male protagonist (?) spends almost the entirety of the doujinshi tied up while Yukari/Macaron (she’s transformed into a magical girl, with cat ears and all that) does most of the work. His tongue is the only part of his body that does something, and not by speaking. In contrast, Macaron uses her fingers, her mouth, her can tongue and her pussy to have fun with his whole body. After all, she’s a cat and he’s the cat’s toy.

Here’s some full color Macaron goodness:
The Cats Toy sampler page 1The Cats Toy sampler page 2The Cats Toy sampler page 3

The Cat’s Toy by circle Meat Field is available now on 2D Market store.