First release by circle Nanakorobi Yaoki: Top Tier Ship Girl VS Ship Girl

Do you like tall, well-endowed women in your doujinshi? If you do, oh boy, do we have a treat for you! Even if this isn’t something that you specifically look for, one glance at the cover of our first doujinshi by circle Nanakorobi Yaoki below will tell you that you might have found a new fetish in this Kancolle book titled “Top Tier Ship Girl VS Ship Girl”.

Top Tier Ship Girl VS Ship Girl cover page

On this blog, we’ve made symmetrical docking jokes before, but that would be too obvious when they’re both ship(girl)s, so we’ll refrain

The perspective on the cover above is not accidental: while Admiral (the usual protagonist in Kancolle doujinshi) is not short by any stretch of imagination, the two girly that vy for his attention here, Iowa and Yamato, are both drawn significantly taller than him. They are also both pretty strong and capable of holding him up (girlhandling him?) for some rather unique sex positions.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. While it turns into an unfettered deluge of sex scenes in the second half, the first half has some pretty nifty setup with Iowa falling for Admiral on first sight, only to discover that’s he’s already in relationship with Yamato. Soon, sparks start flying, culminating in a confrontation between the two women after a particularly passionate blowjob Iowa performs. So the current girlfriend and the upstart decide to settle the matter by seeing who can fuck the Admiral harder.

It really makes you think: how many interpersonal conflicts could be resolved using this method, to the mutual satisfaction of all parties…

Regardless, from that moment on, the Admiral loses all agency in the story and becomes merely a prize of their competition. Implicit femdom is really the most cerebral of experiences. A thinking man’s femdom!

Kinntarou (the artist behind Nanakorobi Yaoki) complements the theme of this doujinshi: both girls are drawn with sharp lines, giving the impression of both physical strength and determination. And while both of them are tall and slightly muscular, they appear soft in all the right places: and ideal combination for a storyline where the protagonist is held up and pinned down in various poses that are intended to give maximum contact surface. The only downside to this doujinshi’s art are the unfortunate circumstances that we’ve seen in a few doujinshi before with Kabayakiya books: for the sake of complying with Japanese regulation, the penises were bereft of all details and left blank (a state colloquially known as “lightsaber penises”). Because the details were never drawn, even after we removed the censor bars, we were unable to restore the penises to their non-lightsaber looks. Because of that, this doujinshi is tagged with the unfortunate “partially uncensored” tag :(

You can see both the amazing and the unfortunate of this doujinshi’s art in the samples below:
Top Tier Ship Girl VS Ship Girl sample page 1Top Tier Ship Girl VS Ship Girl sample page 2Top Tier Ship Girl VS Ship Girl sample page 3

Top Tier Ship Girl VS Ship Girl by Nanakorobi Yaoki is available now in 2D Market store.