Medibang spotlight: Pet Robot Lilly Volume 1

Ever since we made the announcement about the Medibang partnership back in October, we’ve been putting up their works on sale. You can take a look at the full list here, but today, we’d like to put the spotlight over one of their works: Pet Robot Lilly, drawn by Satou Saori.
Pet Robot Lilly cover page

First thing that you’ll notice with Pet Robot Lilly is the amazing artwork. You can check the pixiv profile we linked above for more of it, but the intricate, detailed artwork really emphasizes the beauty of the heroines. What’s interesting is that the art style is more reminiscent of josei manga (aimed at women older than teens) than typical ero manga for men. Occasional panels with chibi characters (used to deliver jokes) just emphasize this point.

Story-wise, Pet Robot Lilly is 100% a cyberpunk story. No really, we’re serious. First off, the titular Lilly is a line of sentient humanoid sex robots. The manga doesn’t even pose a question if Lilly robots have emotions or feeling; it is assumed and confirmed they do. Yet they are all treated as disposable machines, sold, abandoned, thrown into trash, remodeled etc. There’s a scene where one Lilly break her master’s doll (its arm, specifically). After seeing how angry he is, she rips her own arm out as an apology. That’s some Battle Angel Alita stuff right there.
Pet Robot Lilly sample

Each chapter is an individual stand-alone story featuring a different Lilly. They all share a similar personality (meek and introverted, but emotional), but are undoubtedly individuals who have to deal with vastly different situations. For our older audience, you can think of each story as Chobits’ sidestory, just but with porn.

So there you have it: an ero manga with beautiful art style, cyberpunk themes and emotionally-driven plot. “Pet Robot Lilly” is all of that, and more.

We were trying something new with this spotlight, so let us know if you’d like us to do more of them for future Medibang manga.

We’ll leave you with this beautiful lewd illustration of Lilly taken from Satou Saori’s pixiv:
Pet Robot Lilly promo image