First release from circle Mukousharan: I Love My Admiral

What could be sweeter than newlywed life? In this week’s release from circle Mukousharan, Ushio couldn’t be happier. She’s just married her beloved admiral and is thrilled to start doing all the things a wife does: keeping the house tidy, making delicious bento for the Admiral, and making his bed. But aren’t there other things wives do..? This doujinshi it titled “I Love My Admiral“, so she’s sure to find out the answer…

I Love My Admiral cover page

Life for Wife. Or is it the other way around..?

Ushio is snuggling up in her husband’s bed, huffing his wonderful scent, when she finds something shocking–a doujinshi! Learning the admiral’s secret doesn’t light a fire under Ushio’s ass, but it sure lights one somewhere else. And it’s a fire strong enough that Ushio needs to take them to the bath with her for some alone time. But is it okay for a girl to feel this way? Will the admiral like it?

Better put on a naked apron and find out!

If it’s not obvious by now, books don’t get more vanilla than this. Ushio is as loyal and loving a ship girl as an admiral could hope to command and her admiral’s recognized that with a ring. Ushio will always do her best for her admiral and performance in the bedroom is no exception. She’ll treat her admiral to her soft mouth, tight pussy, and marshmallow boobs. Delicious and dedicated!

Ushio’s art is the perfect medium through which to tell this lovey-dovey story. Ushio is drawn to emphasize her softness and cuteness. If couches had cushions as plush as her ass and pussy look, everyone would be comfy enough that world peace could be accomplished.

I Love My Admiral cover sample 1I Love My Admiral cover sample 2I Love My Admiral cover sample 3

Lastly, we know this doujinshi is on the older side (2016!), but we’re going to keep it fresh: sequel soon~

There’s always room for dessert! Pick up this sweet treat titled “I Love My Admiral” on the 2D Market store now.