May 2019 announcements part 2

As promised, we’re back with part two of the announcements we started on Tuesday.

If you didn’t read the previous post (even with that convenient link, jeez!), today we’ll be announcing the two new circles coming to 2D Market’s catalog. So, get ready to welcome our newcomers!

Rock Steady

Don’t let yesterday’s announcement of Circle Aimaitei dim your enthusiasm for Rock Steady. Both are futa artists with a penchant for drawing magical dark-skinned girls with big dongs, but the similarity ends there. Really! Artist Suzurame brings a totally different flavor to the table. First, their works are mostly futa-on-futa with only the occasional sprinkling of futa-on-male. Second… Well, let’s just take a look.

rock steady sample 1rock steady sample 2

BAM. Yes! If you’re looking for futas in distress, futas bound, futas teased and tortured, look no further! Our first release from Rock Steady will be Fuck and Slash, which is no exception. We’ve got futa-on-futa in a fantasy (proper fantasy, not isekai) setting. And the bottom in this S&M story is a buxom dark elf futa.

fuck&slash 1 cover

P.S. If you’re a fan of nose hooks, you now have a -steady- source of that material.


Mukousharan is our final announcement for the moment, but don’t think for a second that last means worst! Have your insulin ready because artist Chiyami brings weapons-grade sweetness to lull you into a diabetic coma.

mukousharan sample 1mukousharan sample 2
We’re already prepared to release our first doujin by this circle, I Love My Admiral. We’re excited to be able to put it right into your hands tomorrow! The sequel will follow soon after~
mukousharan sample 3
That’s all of our new announcements for this time! We hope you’re ready to see the fruits of our labors. The harvest starts tomorrow with I Love My Admiral.

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    dang, I think this’ll finally be the group that prevents me from buying anything with the futa tag since that’s a little more hardcore than I like, but I suppose as someone that’s into a niche I can’t really complain too much about other niche’s being served as well.

    As a side note, between ya’ll picking up more partners/licenses the last few years (presumably due to sales picking up), and the rate at which you releases stuff having been pretty consistent at 1/week, is there any chance of increasing the release schedule in the future?

    • 2Dmarket

      Yeah, I see where you’re coming from, Rock Steady is definitely not for everyone. I still recommend getting the first doujin of theirs that we’ll publish, “Fuck & Slash”, since it’s the least “fetishy” of the bunch. If you ignore the nose hook, it doesn’t really have anything more extreme than what you’d find in AobaQMadou and Doronuma Kyoudai doujins. The rest do get a bit more hardcore, I admit :)

      We’ve been aiming to switch to two releases per week schedule for a few months now, but something always comes up and causes a schedule delay. We’ll probably switch to an occasional two releases per week soon, but no promises. I don’t want to jinx it ☠️