First release from circle PX-REAL: “Magical Girl Semen Training System”

New day, new release, new circle to announce.
And to make the deal even sweeter, it’s futanari~
Yep, “Magical Girl Semen Training System” from circle PX-Real is exactly what is says on the tin!
Magical Girl Semen Training System 1 cover

The story of Magical Girl Semen Training System starts in medias res: our heroine, the magical girl Layle, has been captured by the evil monster Veruze. Veruze was once defeated by Layle’s hands, but has since reincarnated as a smug brown loli and made enacting revenge on Layle her life’s mission. She does that slowly and methodically: she promises to resurrect Layle’s sister, Meg, if Layle becomes her henchwoman and collects large amounts of “soma”. Here’s where the main premise kicks in: Layle has been cursed and turned into a futanari. The only way she can collect soma is to defeat monsters who’re opposing Veruze, let her balls absorb the released soma and then let the accumulated soma out once she’s back at Veruze’s lair.

Of course Veruze then restrains Layle and uses various tools, machines and substances to bring her the unbearably high levels of pleasure. Once she’s aroused, teased and forced to edge for a long time, Layle is ready to blow out a huge load (of soma). And every time that happens, her mind gets more corrupted and Veruze’s revenge makes progress.

In short, if you want to see a hot magical girl getting dominated and slowly tortured (in a sexual way of course) by various tools and machines while a smug brown loli is taunting her, look no further.

Kanno Takashi, the artist behind the circle PX-Real, is a veteran of the industry, actively drawing commercial ero manga since 2005. In fact, Magical Girl Semen Training System is a sequel to a manga chapter of the same name first published in their 2017 takoubon “Megami Kanshoku”. We’re planning to publish the entire series, currently reaching four volumes, so look forward to more futa milking machines~
Magical Girl Semen Training System series covers
And if by some strange turn of fate, you’re not excited about us publishing this doujin, we have for you a few sample pages that are bound to change your opinion on its store page.

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