New Release: Look, Master! Boobs!!

Back in January, we announced several new artist and doujinshi. It’s a bit overdue, but today we bring you the first doujinshi from the final announced circle: “Look, Master! Boobs!!” by circles Toybox and Kujira Logic!

Look, Master! Boobs!! cover page

There’s a lot to look at

First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room (and no, we don’t mean those soft, gigantic boobs on the cover above): why are there two circles in the circle name? Well, it just happens to be that this circle is a collaboration between two artist, Kurikara and Kujiran, and the name of the collab circle is simply a combination of names of their individual circles. This is also reflected in the structure of this doujinshi: it actually features two unrelated stories, each written and drawn by one of the artists. In order to emphasize this this difference in style, we opted to have them edited and typeset by two different staff members. This is the first time we did something like this, so let us know what you think about this.

And while the stories are “unrelated” in the strict sense, they are very much connected by the common heroine, Caster AKA Tamamo no Mae, and by the common theme: Boob jobs. You see that “Paizuri only” sticker on the cover page? Well, it ain’t there for no reason! This book is primarily aimed at fans of big breasts, bombastic boobs, titanic titties, massive mammaries, bodacious bosom and broad bust. Contained in it is a copious amounts of male member getting teased, rubbed, embraced, pressed between and smothered by said massive mammaries.

The presentation is fairly similar to the Ashitakara Ganbaru doujinshi, with the protagonist remaining silent throughout the course of the story and all (dirty) exposition being delivered by the heroine. In other words, there are 17+ pages of a cute foxgirl talking about doing thing with her boobs. It’s glorious.

A few sample pages:
Look, Master! Boobs!! sample page 1Look, Master! Boobs!! sample page 2Look, Master! Boobs!! sample page 3

Look, Master! Boobs!! is available for purchase on 2D Market store right now!