New Release: Work Hard, Erina!

It’s time for the second circle from our announcement blog post to get a place in the limelight. We’re honored to present you with “Work Hard, Erina!” by Circle Romantic Flight.
Work Hard, Erina! cover page

The former is obvious if you take a cursory glance at Taihei Tengoku (the artist behind Circle Romantic Flight)’s pixiv page. In most contexts, Erina over here would be considered the bearer of an enviably-sized bosom. Surrounded by other character Taihei Tengoku regularly draws though, she might as well be flat. As for the second point, “expressive faces”, we‘ll let the images speak for themselves:
Elina Faces
Just to prove our point, all of these were taken from “Work Hard, Erina”. The doujinshi itself follow Erina as she thoughtlessly accepts an well-paying mission without reading the quest text. A common mistake every RPG player has done at some point. Except most RPG players don’t end up having to service a rich middle-aged man as a consequence of that. Erina does. She’s getting paid good money for it though, so work hard, Erina!

Basically, if you want to see a spunky defiant girl getting fucked silly while she makes funny faces, click the cover page above and you’ll be taken directly to the “Buy” button. If you’re not sure yet that this is you thing, here are a few pages that might convince you:
Work Hard, Erina! sample page 1Work Hard, Erina! sample page 2Work Hard, Erina! sample page 3

Work Hard, Erina!” by Circle Romantic Flight is available now on 2D Market store.