New announcements and FREE doujinshi

It’s been less than four month since our last announcement, and we’ve been hard at work ever since, to bring you even more high quality English-translated doujinshi. Today we’re very happy to be announcing four new circles that we’ll be working with. To celebrate this, we also have a surprise for all of our loyal fans: two free doujinshi! You heard that right. Read to the end of this blog post for some background on these two doujinshi or, just jump to our store where they’ll be just a click away.


Ahobaka is a prolific artist with more than a dozen doujinshi, regular appearances in commercial magazines, several volumes of collected works and contributions to several anthologies by various publishers under the belt. What unifies almost all of their works is running theme: monster girls, often with a dark undertone.

Ahobaka has been drawing monster girls since 2009, before it was hip and cool and is therefore not influenced as much by the modern monster girls canon. This is mostly reflected in the darker plots that show that with monster girls, the monster is not always only on the outside. There’s a whole essay that can be written on this theme, but this is not the time or place. Instead, we’d like to announce that the first doujinshi by Ahobaka that we’ll publish is the last Comiket published, “Succubus Widow’s Afternoon Secret”.

Succubus Widow’s Afternoon Secret cover pageSuccubus Widow’s Afternoon Secret sample page

We will publish this story featuring a luscious succubus soon, and we hope to bring even more doujinshi from Ahobaka in the future. You can also read some of Ahobaka’s non-monster girl works translated to English on FAKKU, where this doujinshi will also be available on release.


Toitoi, the artist behind Toitoikai is a relative newcomer, with only a few commercial chapters in COMIC Shingeki and half a dozen doujinshi to their name. They are, however, a new hope on the scene, and one that we hope to see grow.

The Toitoikai circle often collaborates with Muchakai and the influence can be seen in both the art style and the plot themes (corruption) of the doujinshi series that we’ll be translating, “Sachi-chan’s Part-time Job” (title not final). There may also be some influences in the naming sense.
Sachi-chan’s Part-time Job sample page 1Sachi-chan’s Part-time Job sample page 2

If you’ve bought Muchakai’s Chocolat’s Sparkling Public Mating Show, you’re already familiar with the art style, as Toitoi drew the extra page after the main story.

Akikaze Asparagus

As the previous two announcements featured original stories with dark themes, it may be time for something sweets and colorful, don’t you think? Maybe even a parody?
Our third announcement is circle Akikaze Asparagus, with their soft, cute and sweet artwork. And the first book that we’ll publish is this amazing full-color piece of yuri art titled Koikokoro:
Koikokoro cover pageKoikokoro sample page

This will be a fine addition to the ever growing Yuri tag on our store, and the second doujinshi on our site with that tag that features no penises at all (remember that we publish a lot of futa).

Circle Romantic Flight

For our final announcement, we have Circle Romantic Flight, a circle that made a name for themselves by excelling in drawing two things: well-endowed bodies (particularly around the chest area) and expressive faces. And yes, the latter one includes ahegao, but also more than just that.

The doujinshi that we’ll be translating first is “Work Hard, Erina!”
Work Hard, Erina! cover pageWork Hard, Erina! sample page

This doujinshi is a joy to work on and we hope to bring even more of them soon after.

Free doujinshi: Tentacle Life

First of the two free doujinshi that we’re publishing today comes from Nekoarashi and is titled “Tentacle Life”. It provides some background information on the setting of “The Strange Creature and I”, while not skimping at all on the tentacle action.
Tentacle Life cover pageTentacle Life sample page

This is also the first doujinshi in which we had to rewrite a part of the dialog to make a joke work. It was a joke that was mocking the censorship and, alas, we’re providing you with an uncensored version.

Free doujinshi: Milky Fetish Append

The second free doujinshi comes from AobaQ Madou and is titled “Milky Fetish Append”. We will be publishing “Milky Fetish” next, and this full-color booklet serves both as it’s prequel and as a bridge between “Milky Fetish”, “Joint Futanari Practice” series, “Futanari Checkup” and the future AobaQ Madou works that take place in the same setting.
Milky Fetish append sample page 01Milky Fetish append sample page 02

The story’s self-contained and, being a prequel, doesn’t require the knowledge of any of the other stories from the setting.