Valentine’s Week Announcements part 2

Today we continue with our Valentine’s Week of announcements. If you’ve missed the yesterday’s post, you can read it here. It’s worth it.

Without further ado, we have three more doujinshi circles to announce.

Rori No Utage

Rori no Utage is one of those circles that have a highly misleading name: Shimantogawa, the artist behind the circle, doesn’t really draw loli all that much. In fact, the Rori no Utage doujinshi that we’re going to publish all feature mature, well developed women.

Rorinoutage sample 1Rorinoutage sample 2

The first Dagashi Kashi doujinshi on our site will also be from Rori no Utage, so there’s something to look forward to.

Akiba Maou

Akiba Maou or specifically Akiha@, the main artist behind the circle, are hard to pin down thematically. While they have a very distinct art style, mostly recognizable by thin lines and complex shading, the themes and fetishes they cover are varied: from light-hearted comedies to dark rape stories, from big breasted women to thin traps. Regardless, there is one constant: their stories are never boring.

Akiba Maou sample 1Akiba Maou sample 2

For starters, we’ll be bringing over two doujinshi from Akiba Maou. One deals with a domineering older sister, while other with a shota who has plain girl fetish, and both have an absurdly long titles. For example, one of them is “Ms. PussClit or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Being Caught and Became a Human Toilet at a Doujin Event”. Yep.


For a final circle revealed today, we have a LOFLAT! Prime, the artist behind this circle, has been drawing and publishing since 2011, but only truly rose to prominence with their series of three amazing Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars) doujinshi. Of course, we’ll be publishing all three of them.
loflat sample 1
loflat sample 2loflat sample 3

That’s all for today, folks. We’ll continue with our announcements on Thursday, as we’ll have a Valentine’s Day gift for you tomorrow.