Valentine’s Week Announcements part 3

After a short break for Valentine’s Day (though those who grabbed any of the two doujinshi that we published yesterday are probably not feeling rested), it’s time to continue with the announcements. Today we have three more new circles to announce.


Dr. Vermilion, better known by its main artist, Petenshi, is one of those circles that you can recognize the moment you see the cover: the cute petite characters drawn with soft colors are their hallmark.

petenshi sample 01petenshi sample 01

We’ve secured the rights for four Dr. Vermilion doujinshi. Three of them feature Vocaloid characters, but the last one is… something special. We’ll let it be a surprise.


SASAYUKi, the artist behind G-Power!, has been publishing doujinshi and illustrations for over a decade and a half and that experience shows. The amount of details put into every panel is astonishing. No wonder they got hired to draw the official prequel manga for the game “Flower Knight Girl”!

Sasayuki sample 1Sasayuki sample 2
Sasayuki sample 3

Shiawase Kanmiryou

For the final circle, we have one that has carved a niche for itself by pure dedication: from 2008 until today, they’ve published 25 (!) doujinshi featuring To LOVE-Ru characters. From Mikan to Yami, to Lala and to Kotegawa, no TLR character was safe from this circles’s pen.

We’ll start by bringing over 4 of those doujinshi, but who knows where we’ll end. With a backlog like that, only the sky’s the limit.
shiawase kanmiryou sample 1shiawase kanmiryou sample 2

That’s all for the new circle announcements, but tune in tomorrow for a wrap-up and an announcement of new doujinshi from old circles.