New Release: Having Sex is Fun by circle Shiawase Kanmiryou

With the release of School Futanari Strikers last week, we’ve published doujinshi from more than half of the circles we announced at Valentine’s. Today we’re publishing the first book from the second half. Judging by its title, the late bloomers are not going to lag behind their seniors. We present to you “Having Sex is Fun” by circle Shiawase Kanmiryou.

Having Sex is Fun cover page

Usually, finger blades would not be assiciated with “sexy”, but through some sort of arcane wizardry, there’s not a single part of Yami’s design that’s not sexy

With a title like that, it’s hard to add anything, really. If you’ve read TLR Darkness, you’d know that at one point Yami gets overwhelmed by Darkness and decides to have sex with Rito. Of course, being a Jump publication, it doesn’t really go anywhere. This doujinshi answers the question of what would have happened if that weren’t the case.

Something fun, obviously. Cue the title.

Shiawase Kanmiryou (lit. Happiness Sweetener. It’s a kanji pun on the author’s name, so don’t dwell too long on it) is a circle that is able to produce ero doujinshi with heroines sporting a wide spectrum of body proportions. Since most of doujinshi they produce are based on To LOVE-Ru, this means everything from shrinked Lala to Tarju. Normally Yami would fall more towards the lower end of that spectrum, having modest breasts and all. But in this doujinshi, the focus is squarely on her backside, which is drawn in all of it’s big and rounded glory. Lover of flat characters with a low center of gravity, rejoice!

A few sample pages to show what we’re talking about:
Having Sex is Fun sample page 1Having Sex is Fun sample page 2Having Sex is Fun sample page 3

Having Sex is Fun by circle Shiawase Kanmiryou is on sale on 2D market store right now!