New release: Lewd Flower Bloom by circle Murasakiiro Orange

On our site, we have doujinshi covering a wide array of themes and fetishes. It is somewhat a pride of ours to cover as many bases as possible. That’s why we’re always excited to bring in new themes to increase our diverse lineup. Today we’ll releasing the first doujinshi with a TSF theme on 2D Market: Lewd Flower Bloom by circle Murasakiiro Orange.

Lewd Flower Bloom cover page

The cover is probably the most violent part of the doujinshi. Contents are actually pretty sweet and heartwarming

If you aren’t familiar with the term “TSF”, it stands for “Transsexual Fiction”. More commonly, you might have heard the term “Gender bender” when referring to a specific character. In the case of this doujinshi, the premise is that Schezo, a male ninja, gets turned into a big-breasted woman by a cursed mirror, as the subtitle “Flirtatious Dark Ninja Thrown into a Woman’s Body” subtly hints at. Through various plot contrivances, the only way to turn back is by having sex with a shota.

Despite the obvious fetish-oriented premise, the overall impression that this doujinshi leaves is surprisingly sweet. Don’t expect any rape, just heartwarming sex in various positions for the purpose of procreation.

This doujinshi also demonstrates a point that has been becoming more and more prevalent in Japanese media recently: all kunoichi (female ninja) have hot smoking bodies with large breasts and child-bearing hips. Granted, this may be because the majority of kunoichi in modern media come from Senran Kagura. Alternative interpretation is that all the inferior kunoichi who didn’t have large breasts and child-bearing hips were unable to procreate and went extinct. Therefore, we can conclude that kunoichi with Schezo’s body type are the ultimate products of evolution and are simply most fit for purpose.

Check the second sample image (higher res available on the store page). Darwin would be proud:
Lewd Flower Bloom sample page 1Lewd Flower Bloom sample page 2Lewd Flower Bloom sample page 3

Lewd Flower Bloom by circle Murasakiiro Orange is available now in the 2D market store.