New Release: Erina’s Secret Recipe by circle LOFLAT

We admit that the circle name that’s in the title of this blog post, LOFLAT, is a bit misleading. There are no lolis or even flat chests in this circle’s works. Instead, in “Erina’s Secret Recipe”, we have well-endowed Erina getting disrobed by delicious food. Desserts come in many shapes and sizes and this one is pretty delicious, if we may say so.

Erina's Secret Recipe cover page

In all seriousness, that’s one very well-drawn bra.

In order to appreciate the jokes in this doujinshi, familiarity with Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars) is advised. It’s not mandatory, or course, but the fact that Yukihira’s food makes Erina cum on the spot makes a lot more sense when you know that that’s a common occurrence in the original work.

In contrast, her cumming so hard that she loses control of her bladder that then puts the whole “buying silence with sex” plot in motion is not taken from the source manga, but let’s be honest: that’s only because it’s serialized in Shonen Jump. Given how sexually characters react to food, it would totally happen if the target audience was older. (Plus, the artist, tosh, started his career by drawing hentai). In fact, you can consider most Shokugeki no Soma doujinshi as “stuff that happens off-panel in the source material”.

As for the art, Prime (the primary artist behind LOFLAT), is very apt in bringing forward both Yukihira’s goofy and Erina’s tsundere personalities. This makes the sex scene all that more compelling since the narration is done from her perspective. The show peeling of her tsundere veneer is a fuel for passion.

Take a look:
Erina's Secret Recipe sample page 1Erina's Secret Recipe sample page 2Erina's Secret Recipe sample page 3

Erina’s Secret Recipe by circle LOFLAT is available on 2D Market right now.