New release by Asaki Blog Branch Office: Marchil Meshi

Earlier this week, we updated Marcille Meshi, a Dungeon Meshi / Delicious in Dungeon-inspired doujinshi by Asaki Blog Branch Office. This was a prelude for today, when we have for more of the lewd elf-infused goodness in form of a sequel: Marchil Meshi.

Marchil Meshi cover page


Now, that “Marchil” in the title is not a typo. Even if it’ll make it a bit awkward to differentiate it from “Marcille Meshi”, “Marchil” is just a shorthand for “Marcille x Chilchuck”. Which brings us to the main focus of this doujinshi: Laios is out, Chilchuck is in.

It’s always had to categorise these kind of doujinshi. Chilchuck is an adult, but he’s also half Marchille’s height. Does that classify him as shota? What about the fact that despite being a halfling, he’s not halflength? He’s full length and full girth, in fact…

Leaving technicalities aside, Marcille is still full hot and looks like the events from “Marcille Meshi” made her more proactive about sex. Is this the fabled character development? It’s a well know fact that elves are quick to recognize lewdness, so maybe she’s just decided to stop going against her racial typecasting.

Regardless of the reason, the height difference between Chilchuck and Marcille lends itself to some interesting poses and the author, Asaki Takayuki, fully capitalizes on this. Some panels are drawn with pretty unique perspective and “camera” angles, lending to a very dynamic doujinshi.

A few sample pages to see what we mean:
Marchil Meshi sample page 1Marchil Meshi sample page 2Marchil Meshi sample page 3

Marchil Meshi by Asaki Blog Branch Office is available right now in 2D Market store.