New release by circle Triangle: Tormented By Cum Crazy Rui♪ Human Training Diary

All the monster girls featured in the doujinshi we published so far were fairly humanoid in appearance. Today, we’re breaking that mold and putting the “monster” back in “monster girl” with Triangle’s Tormented By Cum Crazy Rui♪ Human Training Diary!

…is what we’d like to say, but the girl in question is actually a frog girl and frogs aren’t all that monstrous in general. Oh well, baby steps. We’ll get to something thoroughly inhuman one day.

Tormented Cum Crazy Rui cover page

Dude! Let me in! I’m just a frog!

For a Triangle! doujinshi, the title of this doujinshi is pretty short. Looks like some molds were broken by this doujinshi even before it reached us. But honestly, the combination of the title and the cover tells you pretty much all you need to know about this doujinshi: it’s about a nymphomaniac frog girl that completely dominates the main character and pledges to wring him dry. A tried and true orthodox monster girls story. The kind that always works.

What may not be obvious from the cover is that this doujinshi is drawn in FULL COLOR. That’s right, it contains twelve full color pages of a green girl making very lewd faces while doing some very lewd things to our poor (?) incapacitated protagonist. How horrifying!

As we have mentioned several times previously, Triangle! is a collaborative circle that handles the writing and production of their doujinshi, while the art is provided by a wide array of artists. Maple has previously provided illustrations for several of Triangle! CG sets, three of which are available on 2D Market, but this is the first time we’re adapting a full-length doujinshi using exclusively their art.

Triangle! made a great choice by letting Maple handle the art:
Tormented Cum Crazy Rui sample page 1Tormented Cum Crazy Rui sample page 2Tormented Cum Crazy Rui sample page 3

Tormented By Cum Crazy Rui♪ Human Training Diary by circle Triangle! is available right now in 2D Market store!

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