Refreshing old releases: Marcille Meshi by Asaki Blog Branch Office

Today’s blog post is the first (and hopefully not the last) about something we’ve been wanting to for a while now: going back and bringing our old releases up to our current standards. First doujinshi getting this treatment is one of our old favorites: Marcille Meshi by Asaki Blog Branch Office.

You can read the original release post from 2015 here, so we won’t dwell too deep on the doujinshi itself. Suffice to say, it’s a Dungeon Meshi-inspired doujinshi where Marcille gets her clothes burned by a monster and has to wear a skimpy outfit that the party found in a chest. Turns out it’s a cursed succubus armor and Laios has to help her get it off. By getting it on.

Also, since we originally published this doujinshi, Dungeon Meshi got an official English localization titled “Delicious in Dungeon”. We were tempted to rename this doujinshi “Marcille Manual” to keep it thematically in line, but we decided against retroactively changing the title to avoid confusion.

For the changes, we didn’t touch the original script outside of fixing a few typos that snuck past us last time. Most of the changes are in the SFX department: while our original release had a lot of subtitled SFXs, we went ahead and replaced all of them with beautiful hand-drawn English sound effects.

Here are a few comparison images (left old, right new):
Marcille Meshi old VS new 1Marcille Meshi old VS new 2

And the best part of this all is that this upgrade is FREE for everyone. If you already own Marcille Meshi, just hop to your library and download or read the updated version. If you don’t, now’s the perfect time to grab the NEW AND IMPROVED version for only 2€ since we’ll be publishing the sequel very soon!