New release by Circle Romantic Flight: MisakiFight!

Last doujinshi by Circle Romantic Flight that we published centered around a certain girl from God Eater series getting it on with an older gentleman. Today’s doujinshi has a certain girls from a card game franchise getting it on with an older gentleman. Sometimes it’s not about the idea, it’s about the execution. And MisakiFight! is superbly executed.

MisakiFight! cover page

Her thighs are that thick because she needs structural support

Okay, this is one of those doujinshi that eschews story for action. We get one page of plot setup and then 19 pages of non-stop steamy, juicy action. Now, even if it’s weaker on the plot side, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any character development. On the contrary, the heroine’s character undergoes substantial development during the course of the doujins. In other words, corruption fans rejoice.

Speaking of the heroine, if you’re familiar with the original character, you are bound to notice a certain difference in the character design. An upgrade, you could say. A massive upgrade, you might even be inclined to say. A pair of giant, massive, jiggling upgrades to the somewhat modest specs of Misaki’s original design. Of course, this kind of upgrade is a staple of Taihei Tengoku, the artist behind Circle Romantic Flight, so fans already know what to expect.

Misaki is also one of the those characters that, when put in a typical hentai blackmail plot (of which this doujinshi definitely is), defaults to a perpetually angry, frowning face. You might be thinking now “How is someone with a perpetually angry face sexy?”, but let us answer that with a counter question “Is there a more sexier face to make while looking up during a blowjob?”. Nay, there is not! (In all seriousness, she does start making ahegao near the end of doujinshi. Character development and all that good stuff.)

Enough faffing about. Have some SAMPLES:
MisakiFight! sample page 1MisakiFight! sample page 2MisakiFight! sample page 3

MisakiFight!” by Circle Romantic Flight is available now in 2D Market store.

Oh hey, did you think we’ll finish this post without pointing out the joke that the title, “Misaki Fight!” is a parody of “Cardfight!!”? You think too highly of us, ruining jokes is our forte.