Summer announcements part 1

Summer officially started last week so we thought it would be a good time to get the juices flowing. We made our last batch of announcements in February, when we announces 9 new circles. This time, we’re scaling back. We only have eight new circles to announce.

Also, there will be no new doujinshi going up for sale this week, but we might have a surprise for you instead. Stay tuned!

To keep the blog posts at a reasonable size, we’ll split the announcement in two part. To start of with, here are the first four circles whose works you’ll soon find on 2D Market:

Metro Notes

This one is not that much of a surprise if you’ve been following our twitter. Tsumetoro, the artist behind circle Metro Notes, published an English version of their latest doujin, Gentleman’s Maid Sophie, on Patreon. It should come as no surprise that we were the ones who produced the English version.

We had to work around the clock, but we got the 60-pages long volume, featuring a very well endowed and very assertive Victorian maid, ready on the second week after it was published in Japan. We had to do some concession to accomplish that, so the version we’re going to publish soon will feature some improvements that will make the reading experience even more enjoyable!
Metro Notes sample 1Metro Notes sample 2

Notice the “1” in the title? Yeah, there will be sequels!
We hope to work on them too, so buy the first volume when it comes out or support Tsumetoro on Patreon and let them know how much you’d like to see that.

Amulai Sweets Factory

The next circle that will be showing up on 2D Market soon is a bit unique. Similar to Triangle!, Amulai Sweets Factory write the script and handle the production, while the art is handled by plethora or other artists. The common theme of all of their doujinshi is TSF, or gender bending, as it is more commonly known. The first doujinshi that that we’re going to localize is a full color original story illustrated by Kuratsuka Riko.

Amulai sample 1Amulai sample 2

Nanakorobi Yaoki

The third circle we’re announcing today is producing doujinshi that are pretty different from the ones of previous two. Kinntaro, the artist behind Nanakorobi Yaoki, likes drawing tall, strong, well endowed and assertive woman. And that’s exactly what will be featured in the first doujins that we’ll be publishing, Top Class Shipgirl VS Shipgirl.

Kinntaro sample 1Kinntaro sample 2


The last circle that we’re announcing today will be a surprise to some people, but we’ll be publishing doujinshi drawn by one of the living legends of the futanari/TSF genre: The Amanoja 9. Having already a whole tankoubon published in English and printed by Fakku, we are honored to work with an artist of this renown. You can read more about The Amanoja 9 at wiki.

Amanoja9 sample 1Amanoja9 sample 2

That’s all for today. Part two with four more circles tomorrow!