New release by circle Doronuma Kyoudai: FutaAna 1: A Certain Nun’s Anal Masturbation Records Prologue

We published the extra chapter of FutaOna back in May and some more attentive readers might have noticed that RED-RUM (the main author behind Doronuma Kyoudai) wrote in the foreword about starting a new series in the vein of FutaOna, titled FutaKuma. This new series has since been renamed and what we’re releasing today is it’s prologue.

Strap your belts, we’re in for a wild ride. FutaAna 1: A Certain Nun’s Anal Masturbation Records Prologue is just the first step.

FutaAna1 cover page

Oh my

Okay, before anything else, we’re going to do something we rarely do (since we usually let the tags do that for us) and issue a content warning: notice that “Anal Masturbation” in the title and the way our heroine is licking a rather phallic looking religious statue on the cover? Yeah, add two and two together and avoid this doujinshi if you’re offended by “improper use” of religious symbols. On the other hand, if you can deal with Exorcist, a 45 years old movie, you’ll be fine.

With that out of the way, what is this doujinshi all about? A futanari nun masturbating furiously while anally teasing herself, why of course! Granted, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s read FutaOna before. This series is touted as a spiritual successor to it, after all.

Our protagonist this time is Hiragi Inori, a young girl living in an orphanage. She was abandoned as a child, so her last name actually comes from the name of the orphanage (Hitago House). She believes that the reason she was abandoned a child was because the devil possessed her body and her penis is the proof of that. Of course, her insatiable libido must be the devil influence and the act of ejaculation expels that influence from her body. That’s a rather convoluted premise to have a nun stroke herself, but let’s roll with is. Trust us, the content’s worth a little suspension of disbelief.

Red-Rum’s art has gotten considerably better during the course of FutaAna and is now at its peak. Trust us, this is the best looking doujinshi about a nun mastubating with her butt you’ll ever see! Except maybe the latter issues in the series… Oh, in case we didn’t mention it yet, we’ll be working on the rest of the series too. Look forward to it!

FutaAna1 sample page 1FutaAna1 sample page 2FutaAna1 sample page 3

FutaAna 1: A Certain Nun’s Anal Masturbation Records Prologue” is available for purchase in 2D Market store.