New Release by circle Kabayakiya: Bathing with Mom

The previous Kabayakiya doujinshi that we published was all about girls having fun with an older man. So how about we have one about a young man having fun with an older woman? In aptly, but deceptively titled “Bathing with Mom”, we have a story about a master and Servant strengthening their bond (and doing some good old fashioned mana transfer in the process).

Bathing with Mom cover page

She’s not literally Gudao’s mom, but let’s not sweat the details

The premise of this doujinshi is straightforward and it wastes no time to get rolling: Gudao is in the bath, relaxing and washing himself, when Minamoto no Raikou shows up in a fundoshi to help him out. The resolution of this complex dramatical conundrum can only be reached in one way… We’re not going to spoil it, but it’s sufficient to mention that there’s plenty of rubbing, sucking, licking, sloshing and spurting along that way.

As before, Unagimaru(the artist behind Kabayakiya)’s art is crisp, clean and showing Raikou in all of her mature and motherly glory. Okay, that last one wasn’t true before, since this is the first FGO doujinshi from Kabayakiya, but it’s going to become a trend going forward: we have two more doujinshi with Raikou as the heroine in the pipeline. One more thing that’s different from before is the censorship. The last few Kabayakiya books were plagued by lightsaber penises, but not this one! No longer are heroines making educated guesses about the male members they’re handling. No, Mama Raikou gets all the intel she needs to make sure her Master is fully satisfied by the end of their bath. Rejoice, uncensored penis lovers!

(If that last part didn’t make it clear, there’s indeed a POV blowjob scene. Can’t have a Kabayakiya doujinshi without one of those. Not that we would want it any other way!)

Bathing with Mom sample page 1Bathing with Mom sample page 2Bathing with Mom sample page 3

Bathing with Mom” by circle Kabayakiya is available now on 2D Market store.