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In the last blog post, we remarked that Amania-9 was the last circle that we announced back in June that we still haven’t released a doujinshi from. Since we sorted that out, we thought it might be time to announce a few more circles.

This time we only have three new circles to announce, so there will be no multiple blog posts spread over the entire week. We don’t want to waste your time, after all. However, we plan to release our first doujinshi from these 3 circles very soon, probably one of them already this week (obnoxious wink, wink, nudge, nudge), so keep an eye out. Without further ado, here are the announcements, in alphabetical order:

Circle Aomori Ringo

Naokame, the main artist behind circle Aomori Ringo, has a pretty distinct style with very expressive faces that goes hand in hand with the rather fetishy content they’re producing.
Naokame pixiv sample 1Naokame pixiv sample 2

While traps are the prevalent fetish, other themes, like pregnancy, bestiality etc. also make an appearance. For starters, we’ll publish “Botetama Matamaty LOVE”, a selfcest Gintama doujinshi. Get ready, because it gets wild in places.

aomori ringo sample 1aomori ringo sample 2

Circle Darabuchidou

Darabuchidou has been around for quite some time, with some of their first work being a series of Persona 3 doujinshi from 2007. Eleven years later, we’ll be bringing over a more recent Persona doujinshi titled “MISTAKE” with Makoto as the heroine.
Mistake cover pageMistake sample page

Darabuchi, the artist behind Darabuchidou, draws a variety of fetishes, but two themes that are pervasive throughout most of their works are NTR and pregnancy. To be fair, in “MISTAKE”, NTR is toned down, but worry not: Makoto ends up with a big round belly by the end of the story.

Darabuchi pixiv image

Circle Kleitos

The final circle whose doujinshi will be sold on 2D Market is Kleitos. They focus on variety of genres and themes, but their main selling point is that a few years ago they switched to full color doujinshi and never came back. Just look at a few images from the main artist behind Kleitos, Ryunosuke’s pixiv:

Kleitos pixiv sampl1Kleitos pixiv sample 2

The doujinshi that we’ll be publishing is an original story focusing on a elf with a magical lust curse going into a lair of a tentacle monster to exact revenge. Yeah, it doesn’t end well. This doujinshi has one of the most distinct cover page among the stuff in our store, but we’ll leave singing its praises for the release blog post. For now, just look at it:

liselotte1 coverliselotte1 sample

And that’s all for now. Like we mentioned at the top of this post, we’re planning to release doujinshi from these circles very soon, so to make sure you don’t miss it, follow us on twitter or subscribe to our newsletter. Or even both! It’s not like it’ll cost you anything…

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