New release by circle A-mania9′s: BEHAVIOUR+6: Rich Mouth

Today we present to you the last of the doujinshi from the new authors that we announced all the way back in June. A-mania9′s was the last circle to be added to that list, a week before those announcements were written, so it took us some time to get their work ready. But here it is now: a doujinshi from one of the oldest and most prominent TSF circle, titled BEHAVIOUR+6: Rich Mouth is out!

BEHAVIOUR+6 cover page

Thick and bulging in all the right places

When we wrote “one of the oldest and most prominent TSF circle”, we were not using a hyperbole. For a more in-depth recounting of their history and impact, we’ll refer you to the fine folks over at the wiki who wrote a lengthy and informative article about A-mania9 and the artist behind the circle, Amanoja9. Suffice to say here, Amanoja9 has been around for a while now, has a big collection of work under their belts and has tackled some pretty heavy themes in their time.

Compared to some of the themes mentioned in the article, BEHAVIOUR+6 is pretty tame. Contained within are two unrelated stories featuring men who are fascinated by trans women and visit the trans hostess clubs often. The stories depict them fulfilling the ultimate fantasy of anyone visiting hostess clubs: getting it on with the girls. Of course, these being trans girls and Amanoja9 pushing the “realism” aspect in the story, don’t expect the sex to be pretty or conventional: it’s dirty, sweaty and perverted. Guys are on the top in both cases, but both also give head to their respective girls (the guy in the first story is explicitly show as having a semen fetish). So if this is not your cup of semen, begone normie! But if this is your thing, or even if you’re open-minded and want to expand your horizons, this A-mania9 work will not disappoint.

As for the art of BEHAVIOUR+6, you’ll find it to be delightfully retro with women having toned, well defined bodies and realistic (sometimes very heavy) makeup. A few pages will be enough to show what’s on offering:
BEHAVIOUR6 sample page 1BEHAVIOUR6 sample page 2BEHAVIOUR6 sample page 3

BEHAVIOUR+6 by circle A-mania9 is available now on 2D Market store.