New release by circle Aomori Ringo: Botetama Matamaty LOVE

The third and the last doujinshi from the circles we announced last week is already here! We mentioned that the last release had some pregnancy in it. Well, this one has more than “some”. It has pregnancy as the very focus of it’s story! We present to you “Botetama Matamaty LOVE” by circle Aomori Ringo.
Botetama Matamaty LOVE cover page

This doujinshi offers and answers to a question that has been asked since time immemorial, one that is an existential conundrum with philosophical, ethical and biological implications well beyond its deceptive simplicity. This question has taken many forms in different cultures throughout the ages. For example, this exceptionally succinct form was employed by the editor who was working on this doujinshi:
Indeed, dear reader. This doujinshi deals with selfcest!

In all seriousness, this is a Gintama doujinshi, featuring Ginko (genderbent Gintoki) as the heroine. The catch comes from the fact that both Ginko and Gintoki somehow exist in the same timeline. Since they both basically share the same fetishes and tastes and have perfect understanding of each other, they make for an ideal couple. The “fetish” part also means they end up having a lot of kinky, unrestrained sex that leads to Ginko ending up pregnant. Which changes absolutely nothing about the amount of sex they have.

So yeah, expect the latter part of the doujinshi to be focused completely on pregnant sex.

As for the slightly unusual title, “Botetama Matamaty LOVE”… “Botetama” is a combination of “Bote hara” (round/pregnant belly) and “Gintama”, but the title overall is nonsensical. We asked. Hey, it’s a Gintama parody, not everything has to make sense, just roll with it.

Naokame, the main artist behind Aomori Ringo, draws in a very clean style with expressive faces. There’s some undeniable influence from ShindoL in there, especially if you consider Naokame and ShindoL often collaborated. In fact, this very doujin had some guest pages in its original print run that are omitted from digital releases, and one of the guest artist was indeed ShindoL. Regardless of the influences, Naokame has developed a uniques style that really shines through with a more fetishy doujinshi like this. Check this out:
Botetama Matamaty LOVE sample page 1Botetama Matamaty LOVE sample page 2Botetama Matamaty LOVE sample page 3

“Botetama Matamaty LOVE” by circle Aomori Ringo is available now on 2D Market store.