New release by circle Yuzuya: Before Becoming Yours

We have two FGO books from Yuzuya in the pipeline, akin to the “A Book About Getting Milked Dry by Shuten Douji” and “Do Naughty Things to Me As I Sleep”, but we decided to with something different before those: an original NTR story titled “Before Becoming Yours”!

Before Becoming Yours cover page

Count the beauty spots.

At glance, the plot of this doujinshi is fairly standard: a girl and a boy decide to give their virginities to each other. But their opportunities are limited, so they aim for a weekend when the boy’s parents leave the town and they get the house for themselves. The day before the fateful day, the girl goes to a party, has a bit too much to drink and… well… we did mention NTR/cheating in the opening paragraph, so use your imagination.

What’s not standard is the way the girl (Sana) is characterized. Both her boyfriend and the guy she eventually end up cheating him with are drawn as faceless, featureless guys. In that sense, she is undoubtedly the protagonist of the series. This is further enhanced by the fact that we only ever read her thoughts, which means that the events are depicted from her perspective. So when her thoughts say she likes something or that something feels good, we know that’s not a lie. Keep that in mind when reading this doujinshi~

As we’ve mentioned before when talking about Yuzuha’s art, the thin lines and smooth gradients they use, make for a very soft and soothing art style. However, there’s one other thing that Yuzuha excels at: butts. Big, plump, juicy backsides. You can almost guarantee a doujinshi or a magazine chapter drawn by Yuzuha is going to have a POV panel featuring some doggie-style action and that it’s going to be glorious. This doujinshi has one and we can attest that it is, indeed, glorious.

Have a look:
Before Becoming Yours sample page 1Before Becoming Yours sample page 2Before Becoming Yours sample page 3
One final note: this doujinshi actually has 3 variants, differing in the amount of pubic hair Sana has: none, little and lots. We went with the same variant that was used in the printed doujinshi: medium one, with little hair. Let us know if you want other variants and we’ll look into providing them.

Before Becoming Yours” by circle Yuzuya is available on 2D Market store.