New release by circle Darabuchidou: MISTAKE

The second doujinshi from the circles we announced last week is already here! Most of the titles of Darabuchidou doujinshi are very short, usually a single English word. It’s unfortunate that the first one we’ve translated for you is titled “MISTAKE“, in all caps no less, but we couldn’t pass the opportunity for our first P5 doujinshi.

MISTAKE cover page

The night dress doesn’t hide anything, but adds a lot

Like we mentioned in the announcement post, Darabuchidou doujinshi often feature NTR and pregnancy. In “MISTAKE”, NTR is merely implied, in the sense that Makoto is one of the romanceable heroines in P5. Pregnancy, however, is not merely implied…
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The story of MISTAKE is framed as a bad end of the P5, where all the characters are forced into debt slavery. Makoto and Sae, in particular, are shown ending up in a brothel. Interestingly, Makoto adjusted rather quickly, as is directly depicted in this doujinshi. The author also included a short story on the last page documenting what happened to Ann. It’s a fun read.

So, if you’re a P5 fan with a slightly twisted taste, this doujinshi is for you! But what about people who didn’t buy a PS4 to play P5 and aren’t familiar with the characters? First of all, considering the recent push from Sony to censor anime tiddies, you can give yourself a pat on the back for making good life choices. After that, ask yourself: “Do I like corruption stories?”, “Do I like slutification?”, “Do I like gyaru?”, “Do I like impregnation?” and “Do I like sex scenes with women in advanced pregnancy?”. If your answer to any of those is “Yes”, you can click on the cover page above right now and be taken to the store page for “MISTAKE”. You can thank us later.

Artwork-wise, Darabuchi’s forte is drawing big, well rounded, soft bodies. No wonder his stories almost always end in pregnancy. In MISTAKE, in particular, Makoto shows a wide range of facial expression, ranging from shy awkwardness, bashfulness, through having a blank expression after a particularly busy night, all the way to complete perverted joy after she gets broken in. Corruption aficionados, rejoice!
MISTAKE sample page 1MISTAKE sample page 2MISTAKE sample page 3

“MISTAKE” by circle Darabuchidou is on sale on 2D Market store.