New release and a remaster from circle Asaki blog branch office: “The Pink Room and the Nighttime Pot” and “Fuuka-chan’s Summer Diary”

Earlier this week we published a remastered version of one of our oldest releases, “Fuuka-chan’s Summer Diary” by circle Asaki blog branch office. This was just a prelude to our new release from the same circle. And by “new”, we mean “only a few months old”, since it was published in Japan in late December, on Winter Comiket. To cut to the chase, we present to you “The Pink Room and the Nighttime Pot”.

The Pink Room and the Nighttime Pot cover page

Unfortunately, only one of the women drawn here sees any explicit action in this doujin. Guess which one…

An interesting point about “The Pink Room” (as we’re going to refer to it in the rest of the post) is that it’s a completely original story with original characters, but it doesn’t do much to introduce its setting: all we know is that the story is set in a monarchy with a medieval-level technology that has some elven inhabitants. In other words, that it’s a medieval fantasy setting. The story starts in medias res, just before the the important part, i.e the sex scene. Character development does happen eventually, but the author knows what we’re here for.

It is also likely that the setting is the same as the authors previous fantasy work that we published, “Lady Knight Rahel and the March of Greenskins”, even if there are no obvious links.

Content-wise, The Pink Room and the Nighttime Pot is aimed at people who prefer their male protagonist looks to be on the younger side. A so called shota protagonist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). The plot revolves around him having sex with a bound elven girl as his coming-of-age ceremony. There are many nice things in this doujinshi, so we’ll leave you with a few sample pages to tease your palate:
The Pink Room and the Nighttime Pot sample page 1The Pink Room and the Nighttime Pot sample page 2The Pink Room and the Nighttime Pot sample page 3

While you’re here, we’d also like to write a little bit about the remake of “Fuuka-chan’s Summer Diary“. It was one of our first doujinshi (it was a part of our launch lineup, back in early 2015) and to be perfectly honest, it’s quality is not to our current standards. With “The Pink Room” in the works, we decided to remaster the “Summer Diary” and release them close to each other.

So what does this remaster actually fixes? Well, mostly dialog and sound effects typesetting. While the script underwent an editing pass, most of it remains largely unchanged. In contrast to that, all the sound effects were re-translated and typeset from scratch.

We’ll steal a sample pic from out twitter to demonstrate the difference:
Fuuka-chan's Summer Diary comparison
Since the remastered version supersedes the old version, all owners of the old release will find the updated version of “Fuuka-chan’s Summer Diary” in their library.

For everyone else, now’s the perfect time to grab both the “The Pink Room and the Nighttime Pot” and “Fuuka-chan’s Summer Diary” from our store. Enjoy!