New release from circle Metro notes: Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 3

The “Gentleman’s Maid Sophie” series is unique among the doujinshi that we publish in the fact that we actually make two versions of it: the first version that we make is almost a simulpub and only has the dialog translated. This version is intended for Tsumetoro’s Patreon. We would love to make this a “proper” dialog+SFX simulpub, but considering that each volume is around 50 pages long, it’s not an easy task to undertake.

The second version, the one that’s right now (metaphorically) in from of you, is a full release with all the bells and whistles that normally accompany our releases. The editor worked really hard on it to bring the glory of Sophie to the masses. In case that long intro (or the large image below this paragraph) didn’t make it obvious, ”Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 3” from Tsumetoro’s circle Metro Notes is getting published today.
Gentleman's Maid Sophie 3 cover page

If you haven’t read the previous two volumes in this story, we recommend you do it before jumping into volume 3. You can find us writing about them here and here. Unlike most serialized ero manga (doujin and commercial), Gentleman’s Maid Sophie has s strong story focus with a planned out storyline and an overarching mystery. Jumping head first into volume 3 will not leave you stranded for ero, since it’s abundant, but might leave you lost in the story context.

Speaking of ero, this volume brings a novelty to the series, some character development. One might even say: under Sophie’s strict, but tender guidance, our protagonist Edward seems to have grown a spine and gets somewhat assertive at places. Even Sophie is surprised (and pleased, let’s be honest), when he takes the initiative and makes her be the bottom in their relationship for once. It’s a short lived event, but our socially awkward rich boy has come far since volume one.

Sophie, on the other hand is as beautiful, erotic and mysterious as ever. Also, plump. It’s not really brought up in any conversation, so it questionable how much her thicc-ness is part of her character and how much it’s just Tsumetoro’s glorious artwork being what it is. Whichever the case, her *big assets* don’t prevent her from performing her maid duties, so there’s no reason to complain. We can just observe her beautiful form and be thankful to Tsumetoro for granting her unto us:
Gentlemans Maid Sophie 3 sample page 1Gentlemans Maid Sophie 3 sample page 2Gentlemans Maid Sophie 3 sample page 3

Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 3” by circle Metro Notes is available now in 2D Market store. You can also support the author on their Patreon page.

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