New release from circle Kabayakiya: Half of PRISM 3

The illustrious series of Kabayakiya’s compilation doujinshi featuring a cornucopia of heroines continues! Half of PRISM 3 is here!

Half of PRISM 3 cover page

Did you notice that Darkness has a red ribbon around her neck? It’s kind of hard to focus on it…

In the blog posts about the previous two Half of PRISM doujinshi, we explained the structure of the doujinshi in this series, but in case you’re a newcomer or need a reminder, these are collections of short, few-pages-long stories that the author drew for collaboration doujinshi or for photocopy booklets. Basically, you can expect six short short manga stories and seven full page illustrations featuring various character from tons of different franchises.

This time, Unagimaru broke the usual pattern of “one heroine per story, three pages per story.” This lead to a staggering number of 20 girls that appear in this doujinshi. That’s a lot of really well drawn girls right there. To be fair, the number is somewhat inflated by the Danmachi story, since 5 girls in total make an appearance, but all Danmachi girls are hot, so no complaint from us there.

One thing that plagued previous Half of PRISM doujinshi is the aggressive censorship that was “burned” into the art. Luckily, this time the victims are much less numerous: lightsaber dick are a common occurrence, but no part of a female anatomy has been harmed. We’re still putting this doujinshi under the “partially uncensored” tag, but you can be relieved to know that we’re getting out of the Kabayakiya “burnt-in censorship” phase (“Bathing with Mom”, which we published recently was actually drawn after this book and had no censorship to speak of).

Luckily, Unagimaru art is not as affected by censorship as some other artist’s would be; the focus of their art is in the facial expressions and breasts, and both of those are in full unobstructed display in this book. Just look at these sample pages:
Half of PRISM 3 sample page 1Half of PRISM 3 sample page 2Half of PRISM 3 sample page 3

Half of PRISM 3” by circle Kabayakiya is available right now in 2D Market store.