May 2019 announcements part 1

It’s been six months since our last batch of announcements back in December, meaning we haven’t yet announced anything in 2019. Did you worry things were quiet behind the scenes? Nothing could be further from the truth! We’ve been working so hard that we’re going to have to split our circle announcements into two posts this time.

Because, baby, we got five this time!! Five new circles to enrich your doujin-reading life. Mm-mm, smell that delicious variety.

The nitty-gritty: We have three circles for you today and we’ll be back on Thursday with two more. It also bears mentioning that all names in this post are temporary and are subject to change before publication.

Okay, done with all that? Great. Let’s get to these new circles!

Circle Aimaitei

Artist Aimaitei Umami is primarily a futa aficianado. And we’re not talking about shy cuties embarrassed by the massive meat between their legs…

aimaitei sample 1aimaitei sample 2

Aimaitei Umami’s futas are confident monster chicks who look at men–and their asses–with hungry eyes and smacking lips. If you’re starved for futa-on-male, weep no more. Our first tasty release from this circle will be, “That Time When I, an Exorcist, Lost to Futanari Demon Cock…”
aimaitei cover sample

If the pics above tickled your futa-on-male palate and you can’t wait for our release, you could check out Aimaitei Umami’s Patreon page.

Circle Stardust Productions

Our next circle is headed by the artist Lobstar (“Lobstar”, not “Lobster”, because there’s a “☆” in “ロブ☆スター”, their name in Japanese, and also in Stardust Productions) and is an newcomer when it comes to doujinshi.
lobstar sample

The original pixiv image is a 2440 x 2000 px lossless PNG! You owe it to yourself to turn it into a wallpaper.

Our first release by Circle Stardust will be “Fapdroid Sex Life,” the artist’s very first full-sized doujin, fresh off the presses. Look forward to this new artist’s adorable, youthful art.
lobstar cover

Circle Shouchuu MAC

Artist Hozumi Kenji is our final announcement of the day. Their art style is a significant change from the other circles we’ve looked at today. Hozumi Kenji specializes in mature, blushing beauties. The kind who always seem to look particularly good in lewd outfits.
shouchuu mac sample 1shouchuu mac sample 2
The artist also specializes in absolutely gigantic doujinshi. The Dragon Quest XI parody “D-Mode,” the first Shouchuu MAC doujinshi you’ll see on 2D Market, comes in at more than sixty pages. Its sequel is similarly massive, so be sure to give D-Mode lots of love.
shouchuu mac cover
That’s all for today, folks! See you on Thursday.

  • Chibi_Kaji

    Excited to finally be getting some more futa, especially since it’s futa on guy. Hope to see even more from Aimaitei as well.