New Release from circle Yuzuya: My Kouhai Maid Is Looking After Me

There’s something about summer that just makes you want to sink into light sweetness. Artist Yuzuha of the circle Yuzuya channels all that soft longing into this week’s release: My Kouhai Is Looking After Me.

My Kouhai Maid Is Looking After Me cover page

A look like that gives rest to the weary and healing to the sick.

This is the second Yuzuha release starring the loving and gentle Mash–but we’re not complaining! Especially since we get to see a new side of her this time: the active, eager-to-please cutie with stars in her eyes and love in her heart!

And the cover doesn’t deceive, dear reader: she’s all dressed up as a maid.

The set-up is simple: Mash is worried about her dear senpai. He’s been so exhausted lately! He can’t be taking care of himself. Surely he could use a little help? There’s nothing to be done but to spring into action: the sweet Shielder dons a frilly maid uniform and gets to work on senpai’s chores.

But her head isn’t all the way in the game: it’s full of senpai’s manly scent. In a bit of a role reversal, Mash gazes at her beloved as he finally gets some sleep. His sleeping face, their nearness, the smell… She can’t resist playing with herself.

When senpai wakes up… well. Who could resist her?

Yuzuha’s depictions of Mash’s blushing face and low-lidded eyes perfectly evoke the emotions of a girl who’s always wanted to suck this cock, who’s been waiting a long time to taste it and love it. And that’s just the blowjob scene.

Romantic sex with adorable girls is common enough in hentai that it can take a special something to really make one doujin stand out from the rest. Whether it’s the exceptional portrayal of a lovestruck girl, the maid outfit, or Mash herself, Yuzuha brings that something in spades.
My Kouhai Maid Is Looking After Me sample page 1My Kouhai Maid Is Looking After Me sample page 2My Kouhai Maid Is Looking After Me sample page 3

Rest easy, My Kouhai Is Looking After Me is ready for you in the 2D Market Store, along with other delights from circle Yuzuya!